Waterfall Countertop

Jan 22nd

A countertop post form consists of two separate elements: a base particle or substrate, and a laminated surface covering or extending over it. The construction process used to create this type of countertop (known as post-training) allows manufacturers to offer a number of different border styles, like laminate is quite malleable. Some of the most popular types of countertop edges form to include straight back, waterfall, bevelled, bullnose, double wrapped- Waterfall Countertop and not dripping.

waterfall countertop yellow
waterfall countertop yellow

Waterfall countertop edges are characterized by its rounded top edges. According to the laminate covering flows over the edge like a waterfall  and covers its front surface. However, the material does not completely wrap around the edge, so that the underside of an overhang of the counter cascade will expose the substrate unfinished waterfall countertop.

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As in cascade edges, waterfall countertop they are rounded bullnose edge. However, according to the laminate coating on these edges wraps all the way underneath the counter, so no substrate particles, some may find objectionable, is exposed.Double wrap or double concave edge counter is a variation on the rounded edge. However, rather than a perfectly rounded front edge,