Lavender Quilts Color is a Very Pleasant Tone

Apr 5th

If you do not know how to combine the lavender quilts color we give you some ideas that can help you, besides you must know what feelings it transmits and in what places it looks better. The lavender color is a very pleasant tone, both to paint the walls and to include in different decorative elements of the environment to which we intend to change the face. It is certainly a good choice to create quiet and elegant appearance .The lavender is a little saturated tonality, that is to say that it is not a very intense color, but on the contrary it is a violet with some touch grayish or bluish, which makes it more discreet than other violet tones. In turn, we can find great variety of lavenders, softer and darker.

Solid Lavender Quilts
Solid Lavender Quilts

If they are used to paint the walls: the soft ones favor the illumination, which creates luminous environments, especially if they are accompanied by white. The media and the dark create more imposing and distinguished spaces. The most common colors that combine with lavender quilts are white, gray, beige, sand and brown. It can also be accompanied by other violet, green and blue hues. As we said, to favor the illumination of an environment it is appropriate to combine this hue with white. In addition, the neutral color, whether pure white, broken white or a soft shade of gray, creates a very successful contrast highlighting the most intense color.

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If you paint the walls of lavender you can use white for ceilings, moldings on walls, curtains, bedding, wall paintings and many more details. With beige, sand and earth colors the combination becomes more warm and welcoming, and is appropriate in a place where it is intended to create a climate with the same characteristics. This combination is accurate for the bedroom, but could also be used in a room or bathroom.

On the other hand accompanied with gray the interior becomes something more sophisticated and cold. It certainly takes on a much more elegant and somewhat modern look. Lavender quilts color are transformed into the right color to highlight a wall, or to use it in a quilt, sofa or carpet. Lavender is also a spatial color for babies ‘and toddlers’ rooms, especially in their pale hues it looks very delicate and pleasing. On this occasion I want to leave some images to inspire you in the decoration of your baby’s room.

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