Monday, January 16, 2017

Roxy's #CHEAPDATE with Bota Box Malbec

This date is with Bota Box Malbec 2014. This bad boy was $15.99 at my local Kroger (on sale). Now…normally that would be way out of the “cheap date” budget.

BUT…this sucker has the equivalent to FOUR bottles of wine inside. Four. Which means we are just shy of $4/bottle to get our drink on. I did the math...before I started drinking.

First impression

I do miss the bottle a bit. There is something sexy and satisfying about yanking out that cork. This thing I need to pop open like a box of pancake mix by pushing in a perforated bit on the side.

There was a note on the box that said “instructions on the bottom”. Wine needs instructions? Holy hell. There are 5 steps with descriptions and pictures. This is NOT a wine to try and open after a bit of pre-partying.

Geez. Why can’t we open it like a milk carton? Or those almond milk cartons with the cap on the side.

I can't have everything I want. But I have popped the cardboard. Eww. This thing looks like a blood bag. 

Note to future self: This may have to go in a book in the future. Because vampires could totally work this technology for blood storage and no one would be the wiser.

Time to pour this shiz. 

Holy smokes! That stream shoots out of there like a very hydrated race horse evacuating liquid from its body. But the spout didn’t drip after I filled my glass and I didn’t stain the subfloor. (Yup. Still remodeling)

The wine has a nice smooth drag on the glass and a deep plum color.

First sniff! 

I obviously couldn’t stick my nose in this like I did the bottles, but I got a nice aroma from the glass. Very strong oaky smell, but enough fruit came through to let me know this shouldn’t be too bad.

First sip!

Hmm. It warms up nice, as it goes down my throat and I get a good smack to the back of the sinuses of the smoky flavor and the fruit. I’m thinking it might be plums or blueberries that are really standing out to me. It’s a nice change from the sauvignon blancs and moscatos I usually drink. But I am thinking I might have done myself a disservice by chilling this. The deep flavors are usually ones I prefer to drink at room temp.
The fruit hits me too strong and all I taste is cold. (yes, I can taste cold. Deal.) Until it reaches the back of my tongue I feel like I’m drinking water for the first split second.

Are you supposed to chill Malbec? I’ve never had Malbec. I assumed since it was in a box it should be cold.

I’m leaving it out for a few minutes and letting it come up to room temp. I think I might have spoiled this for myself. I’m also going to google what temp you should drink Malbec at.

**AFTER GOOGLE TRIP AROUND THE INTERNET** Thought so. It should be between 59 and 64 degrees. I am letting it sit for 30 minutes and trying again.

Can I leave this out for a week without refrigerating once it’s open? Or do I have to do the whole, in the fridge and bring up to room temp before drinking every time? Because that’s not very convenient.

10 minutes later…

I’m really bad at leaving wine sit for a long period of time. I took another drink. It’s already better. And as an added bonus, the less liquid I have in the glass, the quicker it will warm up! I’m a genius.

An Hour Later…

I distracted myself so I could let the wine warm up. It’s not as full bodied as a Spanish red that I usually enjoy at room temp, but it’s pretty decent. I wish there was a little more oak and a little less fruit, but I think it’s more of a taste preference than a quality issue.

I get the wonderful warmth traveling down to my belly and a delicious alcohol shiver from this with a decadent smell that is left behind in my sinuses when I exhale.


Totally drinkable. Much better at room temp than chilled. And super rockin' value. They say on the box that this lasts a week.

Let’s all laugh together that wine will last a full week in my house.

Have you had Bota Box wine before? What did you think of it? Or are you going to give the box wine a try now? 

Let me know in the comments and make sure to toss me some suggestions of what to try next.


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Monday, January 2, 2017

Summer Is Coming...

photo credit: Happy New Year! via photopin (license)
Happy New Year! Warm wishes for a prosperous 2017!

Here in the north, it's deep winter. I don't have Seasonal Affective Disorder but I do have a twitchy diminutive version of it. Late October or early November, I usually put a pin in the calendar as the first day I CAN'T STAND THE DARK anymore. I know that I'll have to suffer from now until December 21 (shortest day) PLUS that number of days into February or March, before I can stop huddling and shivering, and can start to breathe again.

So to help me and those like me, here's a reminder that yes, summer is coming.
Ah, summer!