Monday, August 28, 2017

Oh. My. God. Becky...

I. Like. Big...planners and I cannot lie.

*ahem* maybe I have a mild obsession with stationary. I can't think of a writer who doesn't get a little giddy during back to school time. I've had more than one conversation with a writer friend about sticky notes and writing utensils.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some techy stuff too. Just check out my fancy clicky mechanical keyboard. (It's wireless and bluetooth linkable to three simultaneous devices. Yeah. And it lights up and is pretty.)

But despite the gadgets I accumulate...(Alexa...remind me to pay my Best Buy credit card bill.)...I still have a love of putting pen to paper.

I take notes for stories, write down shopping lists. Pin down reminders, and have taken to leaving myself notes in places I'll see them too often to ignore.

Planners, just like any hobby, comes with a whole community. (#TeamHorizontal #BuJo4Life) I keep up with a few Facebook groups and some YouTube channels that I check in on when I want an excuse to buy more accessories.

One of the channels I watch regularly, Miss Trenchcoat, popped up while I was scrolling through my various social medias. She's doing an Instagram challenge to help ramp up productivity for the end of the year.

Sometimes the universe hits you in the face with the fact that you're slacking. I think this is one of those times. So I signed up for the #Fall4Productivity challenge. And I'll be checking in on the hashtag (and posting to it) all of September.

This is where you all hold me accountable. Below is the graphic if you want to play along.

My September goals are going to include plotting out 5 stories, (Yes. You heard it right. This pantser is attempting to plot. Hold me.), going through critique partner edits, and writing fresh words on a daily basis. 

Bonus goals...reading everyday both for fun and craft, journaling, and meditation. 

I've got my new planner. I've already filled out my goal tracker, but I'm still dabbling with the routine pages. I'm getting ready to crush this month. If you need a kick in the ass too, follow me on Instagram (@roxymews), tag me to let me know you're playing, and let's get shit done.

At least until the holiday season. Then we'll drink spiked cider and hide from the scary mall people. 
What goals are you working toward?

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