Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I Could Have *ahem* All Night: On a search for the perfect song to *ahem* by

So I generally have music playing in my head, but today I was writing up a guest blog post on music and had to look up one of my flute things on YouTube (Greensleeves on Irish flute and Gilead, if you're interested). That got the music into my ears instead.

And it reminded me of the music I love--Irish reels. My favorite Irish reel group is actually Polish. This is why I love them. By the end they're just BURNING the tempo.

Well, turns out there's a playlist of several hours of music. Normally I'm pretty static when I work, and my hips show it. But today I ran the playlist and I did so much dancing and rocking out in the chair, I lost 3 pounds. Really.

So I thought, if my favorite moving music can help me to move SO MUCH, what about "moving" music, as it were?

There's a rumor among musicians that the two best pieces to do it by are Bolero (because of the pervasive driving beat and the slow crescendo) (and what's with those trombone slides?!?) and Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue (the guy's supposed to "glissando" wink-wink-nudge-nudge to the long, slow, opening clarinet gliss).

Other than that, I don't have a lot of songs to do it by, but I do know some songs of really questionable taste.

Boobs a Lot would not be written today, though it's got a catchy beat. Then there are the old standbys Barnacle Bill the Sailor (this one's funny but some versions get downright nasty) and this hilarious rendition of Roll Me Over in the Clover ("You mean it's buried treasure...?")

Luckily YouTube suggests other videos. In writing this I discovered Grandma's Viagra song, the Limerick Song, and the Coming (round the mountain) Song.

What songs would inspire you? Leave your suggestions for songs to do it by in the comments!!

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