Monday, July 10, 2017

Screw Summer

So I sat down and was thinking about what I should blog about. I could tell you that I had a recent re-release. (I did. #ROBOSEX 4-Evah. Go HERE to check that out.)

I could also tell you that I'm about to re-release the next book in the series.

Or that I'm blogging more frequently on my personal website. Which means I'm actually blogging on my website for a change.

But you know what?

I'm fucking tired!

There is always more to do in the summer and less time to do it in. And there are many reasons for that.


School is out. And parents everywhere need more alcohol because of it. I work in retail. So I can see it in the eyes of all the parents. And in the way they are just trying to get out of the house to stop their little monsters from tearing it apart.

I feel you, moms and dads. We have A/C and no mud puddles for your kiddos to swim in. Come on in. They can carry shit for you while you shop. Put those kiddos to work.


I am not a hot weather girl. With ample T&A comes ample boobsweat and chafing. Chub rub is not a rap song. It's the routine I need to take to not walk like an anally fucked cowboy. I don't like the outside during the summer. Give me my A/C and my iced coffee and go away.


Why do we need mosquitos? Seriously. Can't we just kill these fuckers off? They love me, and the feeling is not mutual. I can step outside to get the damn mail, and I'll walk back in with five mosquito bites. Fuck you, bugs. Before I go outside I now get to spend an additional ten minutes slathering myself in bug spray.


I'd love to go to sleep, but it's damn hard with the fireball in the sky shining in my window even at 9pm.

So along with all these horrid awful things, there are more fun things too. (Although it's hard to enjoy them when you're chafed to the point of manspreading.) Vacations, book conferences, events, and all the BBQ's that have to happen, because...Dammit, my hubby will cook anything if it can go on a grill, and you bet your sweet ass I'm going to take advantage of that.

I'm ready for the routines we get in the fall. Sign me up. I need a break. And a drink.

Do you love summer? Hate it? Do you need a drink too? Grab me one from the fridge while you're there.


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