Monday, July 24, 2017

Cheap Date: Pinetti Notte Rose

Pinetti Notte Rose Italy 2016

Tonight’s wine is called Pinetti. I’m glad I don’t do this as a video right now, because I’m not quite sure how to pronounce that out loud.

I haven’t had a rose for a while, and thought it would be a nice change. Especially after I binged on the Naked Grape Moscato wine I luuuuurved. (I totally went back and bought three more bottles of that ish. If you missed that review, it’s HERE)

The thing about this wine that caught my eye was that it boasts flavors from both strawberries and rhubarb. I remember my grandma harvesting the rhubarb from her huge backyard, and I had some feels. So I picked up this bad boy when it was on sale at Kroger. The sale brought it down to $4.99 which squeaked it in just under my cheap date budget.

And let’s talk about pressure. The ONLY wine in my house is this one. Bitch, you’d better be good.

Twist off cap. For real. Good thing. Momma just worked 12 hours and I’m pretty sure my calf muscle is revolting and about to detach from my leg.

A few bubbles. But the coolest thing, is I can see the drips slipping down the neck of the bottle. It took a good thirty seconds for it to all work down. And after 12 hours of evil day job, it was probably more fascinating than it would have been.

I swirled the glass, and the drag of the light red wine down the sides is just as fascinating.

See folks…wine is a calming drink. Which is why I need wine. The evil day job lived up to its name today. Fucking retail.


Screw the sniff. I was so tired, the glass got near my mouth and I took a drink. It smelled red.


This has a flavor that is building on my tongue. It starts out with just a warm hit against the taste buds, and then the aromatics hit the back of my sinuses and I got the hint of fruit.

A few gulps later...I’m getting a hit of spice along with the fruit. Reminds me of some of the same tastes I’d get in mulled wine. Just less.

This also has a wonderful texture that coats the tongue. Great sipping wine, because the flavor stays with you for longer than just a little blast as you guzzle it after having to teach people how to use their phones to pull up coupons all day.

Basically, it might keep me from drinking the whole bottle. Maybe.


If you’ve been around my “Cheap Date” wine reviews you know that I have to have hubby weigh in. Hubby doesn’t like wine, so it has to be super sweet for him to be down. I have doubts about him digging this one, but we’ll see.

Hubby: It smells like wine.
Hubby: * takes a sip * It tastes like wine.
Me: * eye twitches *
Hubby: For real. This is like the beige of wine. Nothing remotely remarkable about this.
Me: Are you for real? Don’t you feel how it coats your tongue and soothes your troubles?
Hubby: Okay…so it’s the Pepto Bismol of wine.

At this point, I grabbed my glass back and left him to cook me dinner. (Because I had a long day and my hubby is awesome. Well…at everything but reviewing wine.)


This is a good wine to sip with friends. It’s not overly bold, so I’d probably pair it with light foods, or I have a feeling it will also pair well with retail work on a coupon weekend. No…I don’t need to think about that one. It does pair well with coupons.

This one would grace my wine fridge again. After I buy another bottle. Because momma’s worn out, and we're putting our feet up with this bottle ready to refill the glass. 


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