Monday, June 5, 2017

What's better than free? The ULTIMATE giveaway post.

So this blog is for funny or sexy posts, or funny and sexy posts. But for some reason, every time I'm trying to think of a topic for posting here, I happen to also be putting together some sort of giveaway. My brain is stuck on giveaways, not what I should be posting.

Giveaways aren't funny and sexy.

But wait--they are fun. So all I need to do is make giveaways sexy...

I know! How about giveaways with sexy guy pics?? Huh, huh? (I think I'm onto something here, lol.)

Let's give it a try.

Enter here!
Kindle Fire, paperbacks, and more. If you love contemporary romance, this is the giveaway for you.

And the "Enter here" just screams sex pun. Amma right?

See More
Want a hot calendar or free ebooks? Check out the Billionaire Ever After preorder info and a get a bunch of cool thank yous!

Yeah, I know I'd sure like to See More. Heh.

Take a peek
Five winners! My June ebook Grab-Bag Giveaway featires Billionaire Ever After authors. Five lucky winners will get a pick from this grab bag of great ebooks.

Who wouldn't like a pick of his...I mean my grab bag? (Or just a grab of his hmmm...?)

What do you think? Two thumbs down? Or is guys-and-giveaways the new peanut butter and chocolate deluxe?

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