Monday, June 26, 2017

The Robot's New Clothes

Everyone needs a new look every once in a while. A new lipstick, fresh hair color, or even a great piece of statement jewelry always hits the spot.

Unfortunately for me I tend to over indulge. Which is why I go thrift shopping more often than not. Pretty much any given day off I have you'll find me roaming through one of the Goodwill shops in my area. There are three in easy driving distance not counting the Goodwill outlet that sells goodies by the pound. But I have to make sure my afternoon and truck are cleared out for that shit.

I have never been one to spend a huge dollar amount on myself, because I'm a wee bit fickle, and a major cheapskate.

But I have found the majority of my gear at a price lower than a fancy cup of coffee.

For example, I found these sick four inch heels and sunglasses recently.

Shoes are $4.49 and shades are $3.99 at my local shop. Plus you know I have a goodwill shopper card that gets me 10% off when I spend more than $20, and momma had a coupon....needless to say, when I bundled them with my other purchases, they were a steal.

I don't always find what I'm looking for, but nine times out of ten I find something amazing. And it means I get to try out a new look once a month or so. Head to toe makeovers, (excluding the hair of course), are fun.

Which is why I decided to give a facelift to one of my book series when I got the rights back.

Coral-600 is book 1 in The DMA Files, or it used to be. Because along with the new cover I gave to my Robobabe, her story got a new title.

I present the new look for Coral - her new outfit if you will. The Pre-Order is live for Virgin on Human. Get yourself some #ROBOSEX with Coral, and her fancy new duds. My novella will let the sparks fly on July 4th. Make sure she's on your e-reader first!

This is a re-release, so aside from some minor typo corrections, and a smidge of format-tweaking, this is the same interior as Coral-600.

For a Limited Time, Get your Pre-Order in at 
AMAZON, KOBO, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble for 99¢


BUT hold on! (insert "wait there's more" commercial vibe here)

For the FIRST time ever, Coral's story will be in print. You'll be able to hold her sexy legs in your hands.

That's right, you can touch Get your hands on some #ROBOSEX.

So...what do you think of Coral's new clothes? Hot, right?


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