Monday, June 12, 2017

Repeat Performance

There are times when you need to repeat yourself.

Sometimes you need to repeat your order in a loud restaurant.

Sometimes you need to tell an unruly child to go to bed for the twelfth time.

And sometimes you need to re-tell a story.

That's what I'm doing this week.

My Tiny House Romance, Love Shack, is live in ebook form again.

Grab your copy at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, KOBO, and iBOOKS.

I had fun taking the forced proximity trope to the next level when my hero and heroine by shoving them into a home that clocks in at just over two hundred square feet.

Wild love-making in a tight galley kitchen can get a little cramped for our reluctant couple, but you'll have to check out the story to find out how they make it work.

And the HEA for them is one of the favorites I've ever written.

You can get your own copy now!

If you've read my tiny romance and enjoyed it, make sure to tell a friend it's back again. This is the same fun story back again for sale.

Sometimes it's repeat performance time. And I decided to start


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