Saturday, April 1, 2017

New Line of Books Coming Soon!

Cover Art by Jayne Rylon
I'm super excited to announce a new venture I'm going to be undertaking.

After seeing the success of Adult Versions of Early Reader books like "Go The Fuck To Sleep", I've decided to re-release my books in a classic early reader book format!

I'm super excited to release the R-Rated Simple Language Romances!

Now...these books are definitely not for Children, but rather for the adult who wants to feel the innocence of childhood meshed with the quick read time of picture books.

I'm still looking for an illustrator, but without further ado, I'd like to give you the first installment of the series.

This is "Virgin on Human" in Early Reader format. Enjoy!

See Coral. See Coral clean. See Coral clean the palace. Coral doesn't need sleep. Coral is a robot.

See Quinn. See Quinn dance. See Quinn dance with Coral. Coral likes dancing. Coral meets new friends. Where did her new friends go? Coral decides she likes Quinn best.

Quinn takes Coral back to the palace. Coral's body is happy. Coral takes off her clothes to show Quinn. Quinn doesn't know what to do. Quinn decides to help Coral.

Coral likes Quinn. Quinn likes Coral. They run to the cabin to "play" together. Coral likes to play without clothes.

The DMA catches Coral. Quinn is angry. Quinn rescues Coral from the DMA. 

Quinn was sad before he met Coral. Coral makes Quinn happy again. Coral reminds Quinn being different is okay. They can be different together.

Quinn and Coral live happily ever after.


Well? What do you think? Do you think I've got a hit on my hands? I bet I could have some fun with the art for the Hart Clan too.

Which book should I transcribe next? And should I turn them into audio books? I'd love your feedback!


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  1. Oh my god!!! I love it!! I want a coloring lol!!!!!

    1. Ooohh. Perhaps we could gain the adult coloring market too! Crossover!

  2. So I hope everyone enjoyed my little April Fool's Day joke. But if you didn't know, the full story is available again in a limited time box set! For 99 cents or FREE with KU, you can read the real version of this story. Check it out here!