Monday, March 6, 2017

Dirk Thunderthighs and other character actors

So today (February 27 as I write this) I'm starting a new novella. It's part of a new billionaire anthology, and I'm thinking of also making it part of a series, the first of three billionaire brothers.
I think it will have the oldest brother as the hero. He's a reformed bad-boy who wants nothing to do with his father's company.

Now, what can I call him? I look up popular boy names on the Internet. Liam, Mason, Jacob...but I sort of want Our Hero to be GrandFather Name III, and none of those sound appropriately rich, snobby, and nineteen-fifties.

Here's one--Alexander. Alexander Anthony? I like the alliteration, but I'm not convinced. Landon? Landon Loveless, one of the Loveless Billionaire Brothers? Eh, it's a possibility. I'll call him L for now.

When my husband and I brainstorm, he often brings in hero Dirk Thunderthighs. I picture Fabio in the early days. L probably looks more like RDJ or Jason Momoa. In this case, L will do.

So L wants nothing to do with his father's company--until he shows up at the first board meeting after his father's death.

Hmmm...what to call the company? Creative juices flowing, that throws me out for just a moment. Something rich sounding. Something big and run by sharks...nope, I got nothing.

Megamoney Corp. Move on.

Okay, so L swaggers into his first board meeting at Megamoney Corp. Who's at the table beside the craggy old-guard graysuits? I want a heroine who will give him the most grief. Someone rich and beautiful and classy, to automatically get bad-boy L's back up.

Harper? Ava? Harper Riley? Ooh, that sounds like a hacker I can use for book 3. Leah, Aubrey, Grace...closer. She should look like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn.

Elizabeth. That sounds regal. Last name...Rothschild? I'll have to look that up to see how many real people have that name. But it works for now.

So. Elizabeth Rothschild, on the company board, also wants the hero out, because she want to put her ex in place as head, so he can preserve the charities Megamoney Corp finances.

Elizabeth's ex...and here's where my monkey brain kicks in and provides the name Pubic Hair.

Pubic Hair?

Feck, I'm on a roll. Go with it. Pubic Hair is Elizabeth's ex.

So here is a note from my actual brand-new manuscript.
Elizabeth Rothschild: External Goal--get rid of L so her ex, Pubic Hair, can take over. Pubic Hair is her only chance at saving the charities which the elder L instituted.

Maybe it's time for me to switch to decaf.

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