Monday, April 25, 2016

In the Mood?

In the mood?

Not tonight, I have a headache.

I know what you all are thinking. Sheesh, what a bunch of perverts. I am referring to being in “the mood”.

Of course you can all twist that into a sexual thing too. This is why I get along with everyone so well. In one way or another our minds are twisted and warped and think sexual thoughts because of a tone in the voice or turn of a phrase. I love it.

Mood plays a role in everything we do. Like having to go to work, (mumble grumble), what we watch on TV, the music we listen too, to DO IT or not to DO IT. Also since this is writer related, it is a big part of our writing.

It can be pretty difficult to write a sex scene in a story with three kids screaming at you, the dogs barking and you are trying to frantically figure out what Hamburger Helper to make for dinner while under a deadline.

Mood is so important to a writer. I admire the creative minds that can crank out a scene of such pure passion on a whim. I've never been able to do this myself. For me it has to be the right kind of mood for the scene to feel right.

Personally I need some peace and quiet and and a small heater next to me as I lay on the floor in the dark. I know, I am odd.  But whatever floats my boat is my little quirky writing bubble. Of course a couple cookies and milk help my mood immensely.

As usual I am rambling on but I like people thinking about stuff that relates to them. Music is important. Food is important. Sex is important. If used properly, and at the same time, all three of these things can add a lot to your life and mood.

~S.L. Carpenter


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IT'S ALIVE will be FREE on Wed 27 and Thur 28th. Just two days to get a helping of insanely hot and funny horror onto your kindle. If you haven't read this, be aware - it contains material that is alternately hysterically funny, totally icky and hotter 'n heck! LOL

There’s a time and a place for science and a time and a place for skin to skin. Mary knows that science works, but yearns for the perfect man to bring her the extreme pleasure she desires. So what’s a Medical Examiner with a degree in genius to do? Build the perfect sex toy. 
Playing doctor has never been so much fun… 

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Local Appearance, Should I be scared?

April 23rd will be the first official signing I'm ever going to do as an author. 

I've done a couple of giveaways with signed copies, but this will be the first time I'm going to sit at a table with my name and books in front of me and ask people to pay money for them. Luckily, my local RWA chapter has made it super easy on me. They're doing a screening at our downtown library of the romance documentary "Love Between the Covers"

I get to relax with a great group of women with tons of experience in the industry and watch a great movie. For FREE. Then for a half an hour I'm going to set up a table with a few of my books and see if anyone is interested in some slightly off-color humor and more than slightly off-color language. 

Wonder if I'd get in trouble for wearing my #ROBOSEX tshirt...
A photo posted by Roxy Mews (@roxymews) on

If it's my first time, I can always claim ignorance, right. ;)

At any rate, if you're in Indianapolis on April 23rd, come watch a movie with me and maybe buy a book or two.

For any of my readers who have been foaming at the mouth for the Tiny House romance "Love Shack" I will even have early copies of that book to sell, but only five ($14 each). So if you're interested make sure you find me early on.

I hope you'll come and visit me! I'll have print books, some cover cards to sign, and some of my smagnets. (smut + magnets = smagnets)

But I'd love to chat with you all wether or not you come to buy. Info graphic below gives you all the goods IRWA is working on that weekend. Come check it out. We only bite if you ask nicely. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Must Love Menage: Guest Post with Kayleigh Malcolm

Since it is still April, we're still celebrating our fantabulous April Fools For Love stories. 

Kayleigh Malcolm joined us this year to add some extra sizzle to our collection. And boy did she deliver!

Check out the blurb and buy links below, and make sure you keep reading to find out why you "Must Love Menage".

Must Love Menage

Chloe keeps a strict policy of not mixing work and play. But play is exactly what she wants with both her hotter than sin bosses.

Rumors and false accusations from an ex-girlfriend forced Ben and Sam to close their Florida restaurant and try to reopen one in Bayburgh. They’ve vowed to never date an employee again but the vivacious Chloe is temptation personified.
          When a series of events cascades from a prank gone wrong, the three of them end up committed to running in a charity marathon. Training for the event throws them together outside of work and explore the attraction they’ve been fighting.
          Will Ben and Sam to risk everything by inviting Chloe into their lives, not knowing if she’s willing to be shared?

Buy it at these ebook retailers... 

Smashwords,      Nook,       Amazon,      All Romance ebooks

Read below for a not so PG Excerpt (you know you want to):

Lifting his face, he separated them an inch. “This is going to be over must faster than I planned if we don’t stop.”

“Don’t stop, please” Her pupils were large, thinning the golden brown around them, her breathing rapid, and her heartbeat fluttered wildly under his fingers.

“You flame up that fast, Chloe-girl? You weren’t the only one left hot and bothered when we kissed you good night.” His cock was throbbing hard and hot at the idea that she was truly interested in both of them.

“God yes, I went straight to bed after you left.” She rocked her pussy against his thigh, pressing her hip against the ridge his cock made in his sweats.

Christ, I’m going to come before I ever get her naked at this rate.

“Hold that thought, Chloe–girl. Ben is going to want to hear all the details as well.” He let go of her wrists, but only for a moment. Bending, he scooped her up onto his shoulder and headed down the hallway. “Ben! Forget lunch.”

Sam imagined that Ben was planning on concocting something special for Chloe for lunch. By the number of curse words that echoed in the kitchen, Ben wasn’t impressed with being interrupted. “What couldn’t wait ten more—?” 

He stopped dead in his tracks as Sam approached, Chloe draped over his shoulder with her ass in the air.

“Ben, help! Sam is going to debauch me in the shower.”

“Oh, I’ll help alright.” Ben’s grin rivaled the Cheshire cat as he stripped his apron off and turned off the burners on the stove. “It’s about fucking time.”

Sam passed the kitchen area and headed for the stairs. Chloe pressed her hands against his back, presumably to talk to Ben behind them.

“I don’t want to ruin lunch, Ben. We could wait and eat whatever it is your making that smells so good.”
Sam smacked his palm down on her ass for that one, enjoying the yelp he elicited from her. “You were the one begging for it, Chloe-girl.”

“She begged?” Ben said from behind them. “I can’t wait to hear that again. Maybe we should tie her down and see how long it takes before she starts.”

“I will not.” Chloe’s denial lacked any determination and Sam understood why.

“She’ll beg for us alright. Tell Ben what you did after we left your place, Chloe.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He cracked his palm down on her ass again, making her jump, “Don’t lie, Chloe-girl Tell Ben exactly what you did.”  

“I played with myself.” The words were quiet and mumbled, sounding completely embarrassed. That was something he’d break her of.

“Louder, princess.” Ben was right behind them now. “I want to hear every illicit detail. Don’t leave anything out.”

“I just played with myself. That’s all.”

With her up on his shoulder, it wasn’t hard to tell this was turning her on. The musky earthy scent of her arousal tickled his nose, making his mouth water for a taste. He caressed her thighs and dipped his fingers under her hem. 

“Sam!” she squealed and jerked in his arms hard enough he almost dropped her.

Ben’s deep laugh echoed down the hallway. “Patience is a virtue, Sam. You might want to wait the five seconds it’s going to take to get to the bathroom before doing that again.”

So...are you ready to read more? Kayleigh has you covered. Make sure to her. She's a lot of fun. And I'm thrilled we got to do this project together.  Thanks, Kayleigh! 

Make sure to follow Kayleigh on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and on her BLOG

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mummies, villainesses, and a giveaway!

So yesterday I learned some horrible news. Like, truly horrible, the end is nigh kind of news. Steel yourself...

Hollywood is doing a reboot of The Mummy. In modern day. With Tom Cruise. And presumably, no Oded Fehr.

Recreation of actual events
Eventually I wiped my bitter tears of disappointment and read the rest of the entertainment news article to further prepare myself for just how sucktastically hard the studio was going to butt f*ck one of the best—IMO—movies in history. Not a lot of details yet, but I stumbled onto one shining glimmer of hope. The a WOMAN.


True, I have no way of knowing if this will remotely redeem this reboot, but it’s at least triggered my interest in giving it a looksie when it comes out. Yes, I’ll admit it, I’m easily influenced when it comes to female villains. I’ve even written my fair share of them. *cough* The entire That Old Black Magic series. *cough* I’m not really sure why I’m so obsessed with the lady baddies. My secret desire for world domination and my own legion of minions? Mmmmmmaybe. >.> All I know is that the first time I saw Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, I wanted to grow up to be her. Or at least be able to fit into that skintight suit...

What about you? Let me know your all-time favorite female villain—movie or book—then enter my Rafflecopter for any one of my ebooks that feature their own lady villain. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Billy the Kid - Sexy as Hell : GUEST POST with Terri Meeker

Everyone, please welcome Terri Meeker. She's sharing her newest release with us today, and history has never been so hot!

Billy the Kid – Sexy as Hell

And before you roll your eyes – no, Emilio Estevez in “Young Guns” is not Billy the Kid. That ‘The Mighty Ducks” dude played him way too sociopathic.  While we’re on it, Kris Kristofferson and Val Kilmer (shudder) also were a far distance from the real William H. Bonney. From a physical standpoint, Paul Newman came close in “The Left Handed Gun,” but mostly Hollywood gets him wrong.

One of my favorite bits about the real Billy comes from Lew Wallace, the man who was the governor of New Mexico while Billy rode the west. While sitting in his office one night, Wallace complained “A precious specimen named ‘The Kid,’ whom the sheriff is holding here in the Plaza, as it is called,, is an object of tender regard. I heard singing and music the other night; going to the door, I found the minstrels of the village actually serenading the fellow in his prison.”

What kind of man would inspire that level of devotion? Who was Billy the Kid? The best way to see him was through the eyes of those who knew him.

Physically, he was good-looking and ‘very popular with the ladies’. Many people describe his ‘dancing’ blue eyes and his fine, wavy hair. A forensic artist from King County, Washington drew the accompanying sketch.

Billy was known to have had a querida (sweetheart) in every little village in the territory. He was also was known for being a gentleman. Even the man who killed him, Sheriff Pat Garrett said Billy’s manners were “as fine as any college-bred youth.”

Along with about fifty percent of the population of New Mexico at the time, Billy was a cattle rustler. He was also very generous with his earnings. He was once described as blowing all his money, not at the bar, but on candy hearts for a girl he was seeing.

Though he was famous for never drinking alcohol, Billy loved going to all the parties of his time. He knew all the dances. If a party wasn’t happening, Billy would create one – by going over to a friend’s house and singing to the wee hours of the morning. He was known to have a lovely tenor voice.

He was the leader of ‘The Regulators’ while still in his teens and was the only Regulator to be involved in every skirmish in the Lincoln County war. He must have been a captivating figure. Those who knew him certainly thought so.  And the guy’s had over fifty movies made about him – more than any other historical character. There’s got to be something about him.

While researching my book about him, I read over a dozen biographies and even traveled to New Mexico to hang out in Billy’s old haunts.  I like to think I captured some of his spirit in my book, ‘Dancing with Billy the Kid.’

Thank you for sharing your new release with us, Terri! If you want to find out more about Terri Meeker and her books make sure you head to her website

If you’d like to order “Dancing with Billy the Kid,” just click here.
Bonnie Borle finally has the missing piece for her history dissertation in her hot little hands. What she must do for it is chilling—go back to 1881 to fix a hitch in Billy the Kid’s timeline.
Sneaking her 2016 purse through the portal is easy. Resisting the temptation to tweak a few events surrounding the Kid’s famous jailbreak is impossible. So is resisting Billy’s dancing eyes and devil-may-care charm.
Though Billy’s spooked by Bonnie’s seeming ability to read his mind, he falls a little more in love every time she cuts loose with her blue-streak vocabulary. But it’s what’s in that fancy mochila of hers that fascinates him the most. Things that light up, play music—and foretell a future that doesn’t end as pretty as his Jules Verne novels.
As they run from the posse, Bonnie loses the battle to keep her hands off Billy. But at all costs she has to keep her hands off his future. Because Billy’s got a grim date with destiny. And erasing it could erase Bonnie—permanently.

Terri Meeker is supposed to write her author blurb in the third person. It’s just how things are done.  She shouldn’t question it, but then she’s always been difficult.  Even in high school, her best friend’s mother described her as ‘eccentric’ before urging her daughter to make friends with a nice, normal girl.
Born in Wyoming, Terri now lives on Fidalgo Island in Washington State.  An ex-history teacher, she’s loved learning about the past since childhood and has been fortunate to live in lots of interesting places: Washington DC, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, Albuquerque, Missouri and Mons, Belgium. She’s married and a mom of 3 humans, two dogs and two cats. She’s also a Whedonite, a gamer and a ginormous nerd.  Needless to say, she loves to write.
Terri is really getting into this third person thing and thinks it will give her a lot of gravitas during future dinner conversations. She thinks you should probably start doing it as well. Oh, and you should absolutely connect on facebook, twitter or via her website. She’s really friendly.