Monday, December 12, 2016

Retail Makes the Holiday Go Round

Hi. I'm Roxy. I've worked in retail (in various forms) for twenty years now. Let that sink in. For twenty years I've dealt with registers, coupons, returns and...(Insert dramatic music here)...holidays.

I am including my time serving in the restaurant biz in this too because if you ask me, restaurants are like the ultimate retail battleground. But instead of weekly or yearly fluctuations you get daily ones. Tip your servers well. They deserve it.

With the holidays slamming into us with the force of a freight train most people are thinking about gifts to buy or who is going to bring what to the holiday pitch in. Me? I'm trying to remember the last time I saw my husband for more than an hour. (We both work retail. I know. We're suckers.)

This post is a funny for all of my other retail warriors out there. I want to make sure you're aware of "Retail Robin".  This is a meme that has been making me say "Same." for quite a while now. And I know this time of year we could all use a giggle snort.

You can also find a fantastic Tumblr page where people post retail horror stories and coordinating memes. Here are a couple head nods for all the other retail workers.

1.  "Do you take credit cards?" Now granted...I did serve time at a few retail establishments before credit cards were a thing. (I'm old) But even Aldi takes plastic now. Yes. We take credit cards.

2. "I have a coupon for that!" We get that coupons are awesome. Hell, I get excited when I see a customer stack coupons in a way that saves them a ton. But every cashier knows you take a deep breath and roll your shoulders to loosen up before that one customer comes rolling into your lane.

3. "This is expensive."Not a damn thing I can do about it. If I could change the prices of items at will. A LOT of them would be cheaper. LOL.

4. "Yes./No Thanks." There's a lot of feeling invisible this time of year when you work at a store. Nothing is worse than having someone not listen to you when you're trying to help and then getting pissed when you don't live up to their service standards. 

For everyone who is blessed to have a job outside the retail world...happy holidays! For the rest of us...New Years is only a few weeks away. And that's when we get an excuse to be hungover. We'll make it. 

~Roxy (Right before I go to work for the day)

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