Monday, November 14, 2016

5 Ways to Get Your F*cking Zen On

It's been a year, hasn't it? For real. The death, the destruction, the Pokemon Go servers always being down.

There has been a huge need in my life for something to escape from it all.

So in the spirit of wanting to do anything but hear the news or be an adult I thought I'd share my top five ways to get my fucking zen on.

1. Headspace. This is an app that I have started using to take ten minutes and settle myself down. Meditation is one of the best ways I have found to give my mind a break from all the bad shit I think about on a regular basis. The link I provided takes you to their website, but I like using this on my phone because it sends me reminders. It helps me remember to take a damn break.

2. Good smelling shit. I know that vanilla and lavender scents are very calming for a lot of people. And I do like them too, but my fucking jam are these white sage incense cones. My local crystal shop sells them, and even walking into that place gives me a sense of peace.

3. YouTube. There are still commercials unless you pay for the premium YouTube Red, but I find a lot of really great content on YouTube, and some of my favorite shows to keep up with are Good Mythical Morning and the React videos from Fine Brothers. But there are also plenty of inspirational videos channels like Pinch Me Living.  And if you really want a mind trip, plug in some headphones and search for ASMR.

4. Go outside. If you're like me, the outside is mildly scary. There are people and bugs and cold. *shivers* But I have started listening to audio books and podcasts, and taking my dog around my neighborhood. People will leave you alone if you have headphones in. So I always cue up something great to keep me in my happy place. Either that or I open up Pokemon Go and hatch some eggs!

5. Re-read a book! Remember that one book that made you binge read all of the author's work? Or that book that made you laugh out loud at an inappropriate place? Pick that bad boy back up and do a re-read.

My favorite re-reads are Three to Ride by Sophie Oak (who now primarily writes as Lexi Blake) and Bite My Fire by Mary Hughes.

Those are my top 5 zen tips. Call it zen, call it self-care, just remember to do something that helps you get through the day. You're important, and so is your sanity. Take care, everybody!


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