Monday, October 3, 2016

I’m Just a Big Cat

The internet is a source of amazing information. Apparently, according to one study (, my son’s cats think I’m just another big (and slightly stupid) cat.

I believe this. It would explain why they cuddle and take the pets sometimes and not others. Why they steal my chair. And why they lay on papers...specifically, bills and manuscripts. They’re saying “Life’s too short to work all the time. Come play with me!”

Although, with all respect to the researcher, there's another explanation. 

Cats think they're human! I have pictures to prove it.
Carpet Layer Cats: “Nap break!”

Editor Cat: “I’m sorry, these thirty pages have to go.”

Fashion Cat: “Tie one more thing on me, and you’ll see how good my pedicure is.”

Princess Cat: “Bring me my tuna!”

What about you? Do your cats think they’re human, or do they think you’re a cat?

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