Monday, September 5, 2016

When Meet Cutes Go Bad

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I wrote a story about a matchmaker, and she paired two people who were perfect for each other.

The end.

Okay, nobody would pay for that story. So I put in a few obstacles, one of which was, the first client was convinced the matchmaker was a con, and so rejected every match she suggested. Including His Perfect Match.

Yay! But now I was faced with my matchmaker having to bring two bickering clients together.

Did I mention this is a romantic comedy? So I had to find funny ways for her to bring her clients together.

How about invite one to dinner and "accidentally" invite the other too? Yup, nobody'd see that coming. Not from a mile away. Or even outer space. Uh huh.

So in the middle of the night a brilliant idea came to me, as brilliant ideas are wont to do. I scribbled it down on the Post-it pad I keep by the bed for such brilliant middle-of-the-night notions. Waking the next morning excited, I read my wild scribble: "Porn movie setup."
Scantily-clad woman sashays to door. Sings, "Who is it?"
"Pizza delivery, ma'am."
Throws open door, revealing cute guy with closed box over groin. "Here's your pizza!" Pops box lid to foot-long hotdog ringed by hot mozz.
 At this point, I decided to put the story away for another day. Or year, the way my schedule is going, lol.

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