Monday, June 6, 2016

Dealing with Spring Fever

photo credit: Spring Bride via photopin (license)
So after the coldest April and beginning of May I can remember (snow in May, people), it's now warm enough here in the Midwest US to open the windows.

Fresh air!!! (Town square. You are my wife...Goodbye city life...) Oops, sorry. Um, where was I?

Oh yes. Spring has sprung (the grass is riz, I wonder where the skeeters is?) Crap. Did it again. Soooo sorry.

photo credit: Juvenile Eastern cottontail, about half the size of our usual ones DSC_8956 Jeune lapin, environ la moitiƩ de la taille de nos lapins habituels. via photopin (license)
Spring is here and with it, a sense of freedom. A sense of old, cold, tired, and gray things giving way to new, fresh vibrancy.

Sometimes too much vibrancy. After all, the concealing, protecting coats and boots have come off. We're left with nothing but our skin, still unused to the brighter sun and going barefoot in the grass (and prickers--ouch, ouch!).

There's more of almost everything come spring. More color, more scent, more skin...well, it's hard not to get squirrelly. Hard not to rush at everything with a bucket of wash water, not to try climbing the highest rock cliff, not to write ALL the stories.

I used to think spring fever was a disease that ate away concentration and sowed false promise of tackling impossibly long task lists. Now I'm thinking it's simply nature's morning pot of coffee.

What about you? Do you get spring fever? Is it a bad thing or good?

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