Monday, May 9, 2016

99 cent sale!

Hey, my lovelies! I'm camped out in my writing cave but I wanted to let you know about the HUGE sale I'm running on my latest Sons of Dusty Walker book, Zoe & Dylan. Only 99 cents, y'all! Yes, I might possibly have lost my mind. *side note: as if that ship hasn't already sailed* But anywho...if you haven't grabbed your copy yet make sure to do so before the 11th, since that's when it will be going back to $3.99. Also, today is the last day to score a $20 Amazon GC and my first Sons book, Dylan. To find out the deets head over to my Facebook page. But make sure to do it before the noon EST cut off.


Dylan Walker is no stranger to challenges. Discovering he had a family he knew nothing about? Hell, piece of cake compared to his current dilemma—hustling his bride-to-be to the altar. There's zero chance of Zoe making an honest man out of him before year’s end, what with them juggling the demands of a new business and the constant hiccups foiling their upcoming nuptials. To make matters worse, their soon-to-be in-laws have become a regular fixture at the Red Creek homestead. Not exactly conducive to quality intimate time with his woman.

Solution? Whisk her away for some hot lovin’ guaranteed to set the bedsheets ablaze. Sweet talking Zoe into a little naughty nookie hooky is one thing. Persuading her to throw her wedding planner in the trash and elope instead? Not so fast, cowboy. But as the countdown to the big day draws near, Dylan and Zoe find out fate has one more surprise in store for them.

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