Monday, April 25, 2016

In the Mood?

In the mood?

Not tonight, I have a headache.

I know what you all are thinking. Sheesh, what a bunch of perverts. I am referring to being in “the mood”.

Of course you can all twist that into a sexual thing too. This is why I get along with everyone so well. In one way or another our minds are twisted and warped and think sexual thoughts because of a tone in the voice or turn of a phrase. I love it.

Mood plays a role in everything we do. Like having to go to work, (mumble grumble), what we watch on TV, the music we listen too, to DO IT or not to DO IT. Also since this is writer related, it is a big part of our writing.

It can be pretty difficult to write a sex scene in a story with three kids screaming at you, the dogs barking and you are trying to frantically figure out what Hamburger Helper to make for dinner while under a deadline.

Mood is so important to a writer. I admire the creative minds that can crank out a scene of such pure passion on a whim. I've never been able to do this myself. For me it has to be the right kind of mood for the scene to feel right.

Personally I need some peace and quiet and and a small heater next to me as I lay on the floor in the dark. I know, I am odd.  But whatever floats my boat is my little quirky writing bubble. Of course a couple cookies and milk help my mood immensely.

As usual I am rambling on but I like people thinking about stuff that relates to them. Music is important. Food is important. Sex is important. If used properly, and at the same time, all three of these things can add a lot to your life and mood.

~S.L. Carpenter


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