Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mary Menages Blog Tour! This stop...Menage with Mechanics #GIVEAWAY

Hello to everyone who found their way here through Mary Menages' Blog Tour!

I was truly excited when one of my books was nominated for Mary's Menage Romance Reader Favorite Awards.

When she said she was doing a tour, I had to jump on it.

Because I have a menage I adore that I released last month!

Interlocking Hearts is a story about a woman who wants everything but love until her robot friend needed the skinny on sex. Paisley is a woman on a mission for pleasure, and it takes two very upgraded humanoids to teach her that sometimes means more than just sex.

Interlocking Hearts is part of the DMA Files series I started with Samhain Publishing. Although it is technically book #2 in the series (Coral-600 is book 1) it can be read as a stand alone.

When a human, and almost human, and a more-than-human get together...sparks fly.

After her husband threw her out, Paisley Compton drew her sexuality around her like a shield. She finds solid ground as a palace maid until, during a formal dinner service, she trips onto the lap of a man who takes her breath away.

Ben has always known Jon is far more than property, and he jumps at the chance to get the android his certificate of humanity. Paisley—whose abilities far exceed her job title—is a welcome distraction from the bureaucracy. 
Used and abused by his former owners, Jon trusts no one—particularly the smartass woman who’s caught Ben’s eye. He might not be certified human yet, but he has all the right parts to get to the bottom of this sexy mystery wrapped in a maid’s uniform.
Their attraction sparks unexpected new conduits among them, but when they realize Jon’s certificate comes with a terrible price, they must risk everything to foil an Anti-Mech plot—and hope they survive to lose themselves in each other’s arms.
Product Warnings
Overheating is likely. The mechanics in these pages require ample lubrication to perform at optimum levels. When possible, multiple system operators are recommended. 

AVAILABLE AT  AMAZON,  Barnes & Noble,  KOBO,  iBooks,  ARe, Samhain Publishing

I adore menage romance. It was some of the first erotic romance I ever read. MFM will always hold a special place in my heart for that reason. I love all forms of relationships, and I am forever grateful Samhain Publishing let me take the chance telling a story about my robotic citizens finding the happiness they deserve. 

Did I mention one of the heroes has a vibrating penis? You'll have to get the book to find out about all of his upgrades. 

Click the above link and it will take you to find out what my favorite food is. ;)


As a thank you for everyone who stopped by today, I'm doing my own giveaway. Fill in the rafflecopter goodies below and I'll announce the winner here and on Mary's Blog tomorrow. Good luck, everyone!

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  1. my favorite food is spaghetti.

    hmm a more enhanced menage, sounds interesting.

    1. I love spaghetti, but always seem to wear as much as I end up eating. ;)

      And my my mechanically enhanced heroes definitely keep things interesting. LOL

  2. Vibrating penis? That sounds interesting :D
    You are a new author for me. Thank you for the chance!

    1. oh and my fave food is chocolate ;)

    2. Chocolate is definitely a very important food group. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My favourite food would be cheese, any kind (yes even blue cheese), I once made my husband go back into town for cheese during a weekend at our cottage because as I put it "I cant go the whole weekend without cheese" LOL
    Your story sounds so interesting and fun

    1. Love cheese. Love.

      My #ROBOSEX books are a little on the different side. LOL. I literally sent the first book to my editor and said, "I have no idea what to do with this." She had no idea either, but we both loved the characters. Good luck on the giveaway!

  4. I love chocolate and pasta. Both bad for me lol.

    1. It's always the bad stuff that's soooo good. LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. The RaffleCopter brain has drawn its winner!! Congrats to Shirene L!

    Shirene, please contact me at to claim your prizes, and let me know what ebook format you prefer.

    Thank you so much to everyone who played along, commented, and visited at the FB event. You made my day.

    Happy Reading!