Monday, March 7, 2016

Coping with Spring Fever

photo credit: Sandhill Crane Migration (Nebraska) via photopin (license)
It's winter here by the Great Lakes, will be for another couple weeks. But darn it, I'm so ready for spring.

We've had a real swing in temperatures where I live, from minus five Fahrenheit to the fifties. Fifties, in February. Just wrong.

Even so, every time there's been even a little hint of rising temps, I walk past the windows thinking the same thought every time--can I open them now?

I'm not alone. The geese, which shouldn't have been arriving for another month, are back. I heard sandhill cranes last week. Bet they had fun cracking their beaks on frozen water.

Every time we've had heat waves in winter before, it's been a sucked-in breath, a rise of hope, an almost--before nature cries "April Fools" and runs giggling back down into single digits.

But today's the day. Today it's forty-six, going for a high of fifty-five. Not much different than those spurts of heat in February except for one thing--today it smells like spring.

Today I've thrown open the window to happy, not bitter, chirps of birds basking in the sunlight that's almost warm. Today nature isn't going to cry "April Fools".

Optimism. That, and caffeine, get me through the winter :)

Our upcoming April Fools--April Fools For Love 2016--will be a lot nicer than nature's. Hope you're able to join us for the festivities! And be sure to follow my Barclay Publicity blog tour for lots of fun and prizes. March 28-April 8. More info coming soon to my News page.

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