Monday, February 29, 2016

Taking a Leap on Leap Year--Guest Remi Bond

There's an old joke that goes like this: A sexologist was giving a popular lecture and warmed up the audience with some questions.

"How many of you have sex multiple times a week?" she asked.
A couple dozen hands went up.
"Good. And how many have sex once a week?"
Over half the audience raised their hands.
"All right. How many of you have sex a few times a month?"
The other half raised their hands.
"Fine. All right, how many have sex less than that?"
One hand shot straight up in the air.
"You poor thing," the sexologist said. "How many times a year do you have sex?"
"Once!" the man panted like an eager dog.
"Only one time a year?" the sexologist said, surprised. "Why are you so excited?"
"Tonight's the night!"

Every four years something magical happens. Like Brigadoon, the mystical Scottish village that appears only one day every hundred years, every four years February gets an extra day--and TODAY'S THE DAY!

This may not mean much to many of us, but what about the poor souls born on Leap Year Day? Their actual birthday only happens once every four years. Think about being a child, waiting for birthdays. Can you imagine waiting four times as long?

That's why I'm so excited about today. Today's the release day for two Leap Year themed books, S.L. Carpenter's Chasing Dreams: Leap Year and my Surprise for Three: Leap Year. Here are the covers. Aren't they gorgeous?


Below are the blurbs and some excerpts to whet your appetite!

Chasing Dreams: Leap Year by S.L. Carpenter

Michelle has reached a crossroads in her life just as the year offers her an extra day – February 29th. Walking away from an empty relationship and striking out on a new path is reviving feelings—both scary and wonderful. A train trip home offers time to think about her future, and what the Leap Year might bring. It also offers her a good looking drunk, passed out in her sleeping compartment.

Josh is mortified that he crashed in the wrong compartment, but fascinated by the woman who let him sleep and even covered him with a blanket. Their meeting seems pre-destined, as does the passion sparking between them.

But they both have pasts, and sometimes the past can leave a long shadow across the future. Michelle and Josh will have to come to terms with where they’ve been before they can really set off on the ultimate adventure…chasing their dreams.


Surprise for Three: Leap Year by Remi Bond

Will she dare to take a leap this bold?

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR … she's not daring enough for him
Annaliese loves Ransom, but has given up on winning his heart. It hurts too much to watch him with other women, so she’s leaving town. In farewell, she throws him a Leap Year birthday party—with a surprise. She may not get his heart a-pumping, but the beautiful exotic dancer popping out of the cake will.

THE RICH PLAYBOY … he's too much of a risk-taker for her
Ransom’s heart belongs to Annaliese, but he’s convinced he’d make her miserable, since he craves the adrenaline rush of extreme sports and kinky sex. He can only hope his passion for her matures before another man sweeps her away … and then the giant cake is wheeled in.

THE WOUNDED WARRIOR … she's just what he's looking for
Jack is home from duty as a Navy SEAL and on the hunt for a sweet woman to settle down with. When a relative maneuvers him into a pirate costume to swing his sword for some rich chick's birthday party, he goes along as a favor. Then he spies sweet Annaliese watching his moves and knows she's the one.

A LEAP YEAR LOVE TRIANGLE … can they make it last?
When Jack sees the way Annaliese looks at Ransom, he’s ready to back away … until Ransom invites him to a private after-party for three. Can Annaliese overcome her shyness to share passion with not one, but two hot men?

Warning: This story contains hot ménage and demonstrations of affection between two alpha heroes and one heroine.

Don’t miss your chance to get in on this sexy celebration—get your copy of Surprise for Three today!


Enjoy the following excerpt from Chasing Dreams: Leap Year by S.L. Carpenter:

Struggling with feelings and the awkward uncertain situation, they walked back to her compartment. Josh leaned down and kissed Michelle. She placed her hand on his neck and let her lips move against his. God, he was so hot. Inside she was on fire, but she had to contain it.

"Goodnight, Josh, thank you for a wonderful evening."

"You sure? I mean I could..."

Michelle stopped him from continuing. "Let's not ruin this with a torrid night of incredible, hot, passionate, earth shattering sex."

"Yeah, that would really be a bad thing," he sighed, looking down at her.

He kissed her forehead then raised her face with his hands and kissed her lips. His hands lowered along her sides, brushing the sensitive skin aside her breast.

"Mmm, oh yes," she murmured.

Her hands found his waist and her knees weakened at the affectionate way he kissed her. Her mouth dropped open and she lifted her head back when Josh blew hot air gently into her ear and squeezed her ass. She almost succumbed to his advances because she was already wet in anticipation for him.

"Josh, I c-c-can't." She hesitated before pushing him back. "I can't just jump into another relationship like this. It's too soon."

Looking down, Josh nodded but was obviously disappointed. He walked to his room and waved at Michelle but didn't turn towards her because his hard-on was making his pants poke out.

Michelle was torn. What should she do?

Enjoy the following excerpt from Surprise for Three: Leap Year by Remi Bond:

 “Jack, wait up a moment.”

The motherly alto stopped Jack in his silent pad across the office. Business manager Lilly, not even looking up from her paperwork, waved him toward her overflowing desk. How does she know I’m here? He’d moved soundlessly from habit. Had she detected his scent or were there webcams—? Not that he hadn’t already checked. Whatever it was, it’d make her a mint as a covert operative.
He could’ve used it six months ago, when a bullet nearly bought him a voyage home in a wooden box.

Lilly ran Sweet Treats, the innocuous name of a party service that featured exotic dancers for shindigs from bachelor to birthday—specialty, jumping out of a cake.

Now she glared at her computer screen as if she’d set it on fire.

“What’s wrong?” Jack turned in the doorway, glad he wasn’t her monitor.

“This. It’s a fiasco.” She twisted her monitor toward him and thunked a finger against the screen. “The request is for a Deluxe Pop-out Cake with a female dancer.”


So,” she jabbed at the screen, “the client is a woman. I just spoke with her. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, a woman requesting a stripper means a gal party, a bachelorette or birthday. They need a male dancer.”

“So get one of the men on the roster.” When she continued to stare he felt forced to defend himself with, “I handle odd jobs—”

“This is an odd job.” One gray brow rose.

Her hair was white but her brows weren’t merely gray, they were iron gray. Gun-metal gray. Bullet-between-the-eyes gray.

Jack held up both palms. “Non-naked-getting odd jobs.”

“You don’t have to get naked.” She twisted the monitor back to her and, eyes dropping to the screen, began to type. “G-string is fine.”

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