Monday, February 8, 2016

Oh, What a Release It Is!

Tomorrow I am unleashing more ROBOSEX upon you all! Muahahaha!

While putting the final touches on Coral-600, my editor asked me "When do I get Paisley's book?"

Hmm...a book for Paisley?

I knew Paisley had a hell of a story in her, and she didn't disappoint. I had a blast uncovering who she was and where her story started.

Get your pre-orders in so you don't miss out. Paisley might have had a rough start to her new life, but the rewards for being who you are...well they tend to be twice as sweet.

We all know Valentine's Day is just around the corner. And Samhain Publishing knows how to celebrate. They are putting ALL romance ebooks on sale for 40% off! 

There's no better time to stock up. That means, if you've missed out, you can snag Coral-600 and Interlocking Hearts for a steal.

A human, an almost-human, and a more-than-human walk into a palace…
The DMA Files, Book 2
After her husband threw her out, Paisley Compton drew her sexuality around her like a shield. She finds solid ground as a palace maid until, during a formal dinner service, she trips onto the lap of a man who takes her breath away.
Ben has always known Jon is far more than property, and he jumps at the chance to get the android his certificate of humanity. Paisley—whose abilities far exceed her job title—is a welcome distraction from the bureaucracy. 
Used and abused by his former owners, Jon trusts no one—particularly the smartass woman who’s caught Ben’s eye. He might not be certified human yet, but he has all the right parts to get to the bottom of this sexy mystery wrapped in a maid’s uniform.
Their attraction sparks unexpected new conduits among them, but when they realize Jon’s certificate comes with a terrible price, they must risk everything to foil an Anti-Mech plot—and hope they survive to lose themselves in each other’s arms.
Product Warnings

Overheating is likely. The mechanics in these pages require ample lubrication to perform at optimum levels. When possible, multiple system operators are recommended. 

Pleasure is not a malfunction.

The DMA Files, Book 1

Coral-600 is the first and only one of her kind. An artificial intelligence prototype with realistic skin over her metal frame, she was deemed too expensive for mass production and gifted to the royal family.

She cannot legally have a relationship with a human, and it never entered her electronic brain to want more—to break the law. Until she meets Quinn, and her DNA-enhanced skin tingles with a completely new sensation. Desire.

His body damaged beyond repair in the war, Quinn survived—barely—by agreeing to have much of it rebuilt. His royal relatives have taken him in, but it’s tough adjusting to a body that doesn’t come with instructions.

As Coral helps Quinn cope with his new body, the connection between them reaches the melt-down point. But unless she can convince the authorities that humanity runs deeper than flesh and bone, she’ll have her CPU wiped clean—permanently.

Product Warning: This book contains artificial and natural flavors, lubricant (lots and lots of lubricant), and fun with oh-so-hard drives.

Thank you to everyone who has taken a chance on my robotic romances. I hope you enjoy reading Paisley's story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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