Monday, February 22, 2016

Bacon Bucket List

If anyone has followed me on social media for any amount of time knows something about me.


I have a bacon themed game, I've had bacon for more than one meal in the same day, and hubby knows the way to my heart is to cook some bacon for me so I don't get those horrible grease splatters on my arms.

Bacon is the candy of the meat world, and I'm always down for munching on my favorite pieces of pork perfection.

My delight in the smoked meat has led to some of my friends sending me pictures, recipes, and general craziness involving bacon.

So I'm going to start a Bacon Bucket List.

I need your help. What do I need to eat/drink/try? I'm looking to make the ULTIMATE baconpalooza experience.

This is my list so far....
Coming July 2016!

1. Try the Country Fried Bacon at Sodolacks Original Country Inn.

2. Have a BLT Bloody Mary at Hash House A Go Go.

3. Attend the Bacon Fest in Chicago and pig out. (pun intended)

4. Have a bacon steak. I have always wanted a thick cut of bacon prepared like a steak. I have heard of some places doing this and became so obsessed with it, I put it in my upcoming release (Love Shack). Not sure where to go get this, but I will find it.

5. Make a bacon weave wrap for a Thanksgiving Turkey. I could probably do this anytime, but it seems like a lot of work. Anyone with tips or tricks, lay 'em on me! The recipe I was thinking of using is this one... Bacon Wrapped Roasted Turkey.

Although there are somethings even I'm not willing to try with bacon...

Don't call this a rim shot. It makes me think of bacon in uncomfortable places......

So tell me...what do I need to add? I have a feeling I've mentioned bacon in a few of my books at this point. So this counts as research, right?


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