Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Valentines and a FREE ebook!

Well here we are, only 20 days away from Valentine’s Day. So naturally I took up the challenge of compiling a list of sexy offerings that go down as smooth as a 5 gallon jug of Riunite.

Jodi’s Top 5 Sexy Gift Ideas

1)    Couples massage. You can either splurge on a trip to the spa, or crank the heat up a few notches by lighting some massage candles and giving each other the sexy rub down in the comfort of your own bedroom.  Don’t forget to crack that Riunite on ice, you naughty lovebirds.

2)      For him: a Man Crate. I was particularly intrigued by the Mount Rubsmore kit. Until I realized it wasn’t what I originally assumed it was. >.>

3)      Toys. No, I’m not talking Rock ‘Em Sock ‘EM Robots and Nerf guns. Though God knows those are on my list. Nope, let’s think sexier. Maybe the OhMiBod might be in order. The vibe’s intensity syncs to the music on your IPod or other playlist. So when Justin Timberlake swears he’s gonna Rock You to the break of day, he’s not just whistling Dixie. 

4)      Erotic Poetry. Yes, even you can be a poet who didn’t know it. With the Erotic Magnetic Poetry Kit it’s easier than ever to whisper dirty sweet nothings to each other via the fridge. Just don’t be surprised if you have hard time keeping the ice cubes from melting. Which will be completely unhelpful with keeping the Riunite chilled.

5)      Sexy Board Games. You too can be a BedroomRockstar! Or maybe you'd be more into in a wild game of BedroomBaseball! Ball and bat sold separately…

Speaking of bedroom rockstars, I just put Kissin’ Hell free at all online retailers. So make sure to grab your copy!

FREE from Amazon - http://amzn.to/1KAKOyz
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  1. You complete me, Jodi. You complete me.

    (PS. I have a romance magnetic poetry kit and... WOW. I'll never look at a moist grotto the same way again. So to speak.)

    1. *spoons you hard* Wait, you have a romance magnetic poetry kit AND DVDs of Night of the Comet and Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle??? You complete ME, beebs.

      Side note: Moist...unsexifying everything but baked goods since the dawn of mankind.

    2. It's Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, thankyouverymuch. Don't disrespect Shannon Tweed and The Barbeau by not calling it by its full name.

      My poetry kit also contains such phrases as "bulging manhood", "bursting passion", and "palpitations". I know this because I'm looking at it RIGHT NOW! MY LIFE IS AWESOME TODAY! (also, I kinda want to bust out the magnetic poetry and horrify people now.)

    3. *waits for my Barbeau Super Fan card to be revoked* THEY'LL NEVER TAKE IT FROM ME ALIVE!

      In other words, your poetry kit could qualify as a super awesome purple prose cheat sheet! Must remember this when I'm writing my next love scene...

  2. Oh, *I* want the ManCrate!! Crowbar included, where do I sign up? Personally, the smash and grab would be my choice, especially for those frustrating days...what a Valentines treat, His & Hers sledgehammers and a pile of concrete blocks?

    Thanks for the free book! Shared all over, including for a Friday Finds features (hoping it will still be free Jan 29, lol).

    1. Isn't that site awesome, Mary?!? Honestly, I would love to get every one of those crates!

      Thank you for sharing, you awesome lady!!! Yes, it's definitely going to be free for a while. *hugs*