Monday, October 26, 2015

S.L. Carpenter's Big Book of Lust!

S.L. Carpenter has a BIG release coming out in just a few days.

He's giving out all the details on his FB page. So make sure you click HERE and like the page to get all the upcoming details.

With everyone going out to Trick-or-Treat this Halloween, why not treat yourself to a new book?

It's even calorie free!

Pre-Order is live now, and for only 99¢ you can make sure you have something BIG waiting for you on Halloween night.


**Warning: May cause uncontrollable laughter and inappropriate erotic thoughts. You’re welcome.** 

Fifty short stories from the twisted imagination of S.L. Carpenter. They won’t blow your mind…they will buy it a drink, take it to dinner, argue like crazy with it and then take it home and have fabulous make-up sex with it. 

S.L. Carpenter’s take on life, love and—yes—lust, will surprise, amuse, shock and arouse you. It is a literary ride to equal all rollercoasters you’ve ever ridden put together. Inhibitions are forbidden, tongues may be placed firmly in cheeks (your own or someone else’s) and good taste should be sent off for a nap. It’s a life-changer. Are you brave enough to change yours? 


And don't forget to connect with S. L. on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

Monday, October 19, 2015

Tired of me yet?

October 1st marked my second full year as a published author.

I've learned a lot about myself through this process and I thought I'd share some of my discoveries. Maybe you've already figured this stuff out. If so...nod along with me.

Here are the top 5 things I've figured out as a writer in the last two years.

1. Online friends are just as important as people you can drive to and touch. 
I thought I was weird through High School. I figured there were just a few people who would be my friends in college. Then I started writing romance and I realized, there are a lot of us out there in the world and even if I can't drive down the street and have coffee with them, doesn't make them any less of a friend.

If they were to ever try and tell me to stop drinking coffee...well then I would just mute them on FB.

2. Diets and edits should never be attempted simultaneously. 
Unless you really do have enough bail/lawyer money to deal with the fallout, do not attempt such things. I suppose you could work on murdering characters, but without chocolate, I don't trust myself to not strangle the man driving the ice cream truck relentlessly around my neighborhood.

Edits are the most stressful part of the process for me, and I have learned (as has hubby) that doing this without chocolate cake and wine creates a world no one wants to live in.

3. Offices come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors.
I tried to write in a lot of different areas around my home and outside of it. I don't have a dedicated home office, and my HOA would probably frown at me constructing the Gothic cathedral I'd like to in my back yard. So I either write on my couch, in a chair, or when I can't stand the sight of the laundry any longer, I venture out with my ear buds and buy a coffee or small meal to keep me going.

Turns out I write best when I park in the spot third from the back at Panera and park my ass in the two seater booth next to the outlet. I also write better when they DON'T RUN OUT OF HAZELNUT COFFEE! *cough* excuse me.

But yeah. Writing in a proper office, isn't always necessary, or even the best option.

4. Social media was created by evil trolls who suck the productivity out of my body with a straw. 
I'm freaking addicted to social media. Probably because of point #1 up above. I have met with some amazing people, and there are some of you who I bother  talk with everyday. It's hard for me to turn off the notifications because there have been some OMG moments that everyone has helped me with. I want to be able to be there for everyone else too. Unfortunately the notification sounds the same if we are talking about book titles or stripping dinosaurs.

And we all know the stripping dinosaurs are way more important.

5. I can do way more than I give myself credit for.
When I was thinking of getting involved in writing, I did what we all do when we go after our dreams. I told myself I wasn't good enough. I told myself I was years away from being able to get into the writing game.

I saw a quote on pinterest one day. It said..."I can and I will. Watch me."

I started doing what I told myself I wasn't good enough to try. And you know what?

I did it.

Now when I get ready to start a new book, or when someone approaches me for a project, it's just a little easier to quiet that voice.

I'm only 2 years into this new adventure. But good things are coming. Just you watch.


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Monday, October 12, 2015

Frisky Business & a Perfect SALE!

Every once in a while there are characters who are extra vocal about getting their stories told. For those of you who've read my Kinky Chronicles series up to this point, you're probably not too surprised to know Jane falls into that category. She's completely shameless and in no way timid when it comes to speaking her mind. As for her hero, Jack...well, he's not exactly shy either. Guess that comes with the territory when you're a former gigolo. These two have been dancing around each other, taunting me with their sparky love/hate backstory. Which only means one thing...

Time to give the stubborn jerks some featured page time. Coming 1/7/2016:

                                                                         Frisky Business
                                                                 Kinky Chronicles, Book 3

The best way to get over a man? Get your kink on with another. And Jane Campbell knows the perfect escort agency to get the job done.

As the owner of Hunks for Hire, Jack Brewster is used to the raunchy requests that land in his inbox. Bondage and blindfolds? Par for the course. But Jane’s email whispers a wicked enticement. A sane man would delete the message. Or send his best escort to the date armed with a steel cup. Only problem? The thought of Jane naked and bound beneath any guy but him is like a knife in Jack’s gut.

He doesn’t do commitments. And he sure as hell doesn’t do love and Happily Ever Afters. He was a fool before in that regard. Never again. But he can indulge in a taste. Then he’ll walk away from Jane. For good.

But eating forbidden fruit has its addictive consequences, and two stubbornly anti-love sinners are about to take the biggest fall of them all.

Warning: This book contains an irredeemable bad girl, an ex-gigolo who can give the Kama Sutra some pointers, and a sweet, dirty, and thoroughly complicated love story long overdue.

Pre-order available now:

Haven't read the first book in the series yet? Well, ya got no excuse since I just put Perfect Chemistry on sale. You can scoop it up for 99 cents until this weekend.

And because my kinky geeks love bad chemistry puns as much as I do...


Monday, October 5, 2015

I Can See!! One Author's Revealing Expose

I've been putting off glasses most of my life. I already have skin like a pizza and a nose broken enough times to quirk like an accordion. The last thing I thought I needed was a pair of cranky windows on my face.

Yet time catches up with us all. I got my first pair of prescription glasses last week, and I have to say, I was shocked.

I think I look pretty good :)

Granted, my standards have changed over the years, from "Am I pretty" to "Will people take me seriously" to "Will I have to put on pants". (Hey Roxy, how far does that Kroger's deliver...?)

This is without makeup, folks. And have I mentioned the pepperoni skin?

But all you see is the glasses!! They're so honking big nothing else shows but teeth, and those are actually pretty good thanks to my sadistic dentist in childhood (no invisilines in those days, my braces were barbed wire. Literally wire, those suckers developed character, I tell you).

Really, why didn't I get these glasses sooner? Vanity, thy name is, um, vanity. Bonus, I can actually see individual cars coming at me on the freeway. It's a murk-i-cal!

So if you're waiting to take the face-window plunge, here's one author who says go for it!!

Addendum: Thanks everyone for your support! Here's a little thanks :)