Monday, September 28, 2015


I started thinking about something witty, or cute to say about writing because that is basically what this blog is for. SO I wondered what words of wisdom I had to share about writing.
Actually it was funny that over the weekend a friend was asking me as we sat to get some pizza, 4 large pizzas in fact.

His question was “What do you do to get ready to write a book?”

After thinking about it I answered, “I put on some music, stare at a blank screen and wait. I fiddle with looking at the sports news and how terrible my favorite teas are. Then I surf Facebook and find funny pictures of cats or witty sayings and the inspiring quotes that make me feel good.”
Hey, it’s my page I’ll post midgets in tutus if I want to.
Everyone has a routine. I explained some people do outlines, others take post it notes and plan out the storylines that way. Personally, I wing it because I have no clue what will wander into the revolving door of my head and decide to hang out in the lobby and talk.
That or the typical cliché that at 3 am the muse decides it is party time and she’s not wearing anything but a smile and a Marvin the Martian tie. I drag my zombie ass out of bed and start writing in my journal or on paper scraps odd things that when reading in the morning that make absolutely no sense.
From story ideas about flying monkeys, to a joke that I found hilarious in my altered state of mind. Usually I shake my head or I’m asked why I scribbled on paper towels by my desk.
So if you are an aspiring author, a successful writer or just someone that feels like writing something. Don’t fall into the trap of being like everyone else. I was different since birth and haven’t changed. Do things the way you want. If you like notes, writing in crayons, outlines, post it’s, writing on toilet paper…whatever. As long as you are creating and getting those ideas out you are making progress.
Please excuse me, I need to go to the, ummm, library and write my memoirs.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Testing Rule 34

We've all heard of Rule 34—"If it exists, there is porn of it." But is that true?

In a thoroughly non-scientific manner, I decided to see if I could find exceptions by riffing off Things I Could Think Of.

Since we're riffing, here is's The 6 Most Terrifying Examples of 'Rule 34'. I actually only made it through #6 and #5 *shudder*.

We here at Lust Wish A Laugh have done enough of this in-depth quality research (we're professionals, don't try this at home!) to qualify for its own hash tag. #It'sResearch,Really!

I tried searching Waldo Porn, thinking of the cute little stocking-capped guy. I got...well, I'm not sure, really, but it apparently is shorthand for another fetish. *shudder*

So then, since I play classical flute, I thought of "Flute Porn"...oh, God. NO, DON'T PUT IT THERE...! And yeah, turns out "playing her flute" is a euphemism for dildo blowjob. *sigh*

Really skittish now, I tried "Lust With a Laugh" porn.

And I got--us.

I'm not quite sure if I broke Rule 34 or not...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Eccentric Side of Ebay

So I know this will come as a huge shock to y’all, but sometimes I enjoy randomly browsing Ebay for weird shit eccentric collectibles. So without future ado, I present my Top Ten list of Bat-Shit Bizarre Future Cherished Family Heirlooms. 

1)      A kitchen sponge that looks like a sandwich. AKA, bologna with a side of salmonella. YUM.  

2)      Moose poop earrings. I wonder if they went to Jared for those?

3)      Giant Bigfoot tooth The dentist who extracted that wisdom tooth must have balls of steel. Or least he used to, before that sasquatch ripped them off.

4)      Inflatable dick suit Because nothing says Life of the Party like an inflatable shlong john. 

5)      Whatever the hell this is Were hippo-driven carts really the preferred mode of transportation in days of yore? And why is this no longer an option? Was there a hippo strike? WHY ISN’T THIS IN THE HISTORY BOOKS?!?

6)      Finger hands When you're really looking to impress your friends with your epic Jazz Hands routine.
7)      Mr. Bacon bendable action figure Full disclosure--I really want one of these.

10)   jockstrap for your highballs All I've got to say is I hope they're not used jockstraps.

And there you have it! Convienant one-stop shopping for all your Christmas needs. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I have a sorta recent release. Not new, since it’s a box set of 4 of my Red Hot titles, but if you’re looking for a hot bundle at a discounted price, then check it out. This one will be around only for a limited time. Mr. Bacon bendable action figure sold separately.

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Monday, September 7, 2015


Hart Clan Hybrids #3
I can't believe it is already coming up on release day for Three's a Clan. The Hart Clan Hybrids series has truly taken me on a ride that I couldn't have ever imagined going on.

These books have also gone in a completely different direction than I ever planned. But when you give your creative muse over to strong female characters...well, let's just say I should have known better than to try and put them in their place.

When I was much more naive and thought I could get these characters to cooperate I wanted to write three 30k novellas that could be bundled together into one 90k book.

Hart Clan Hybrids #1
After A Love Worth Biting For was over 40k I should have known I was in trouble. And sure enough Shelly has grabbed herself two werewolves to tangle with and Three's a Clan tipped the scales at over 90,000 words.


But the thing that really surprised me with these books is how the simple story I wanted to share -- how I felt when I knew I loved my husband for the first time -- morphed into a series about women taking charge of the lives they had no control over in the past.

Hart Clan Hybrids #2
I feel like Amber, Mary, and Shelly became so much more than even I expected them to become. Females in their supernatural sects weren't supposed to have this kind of power. But these women flipped the bird and took it anyway.

And that is what excited me most about these books. I feel like listening to girl power songs ever time I revisit their stories. Yes, they curse. Yes, they like sex. (Shelly and Amber especially.) But that isn't what their stories are at the core. At the end of the day, I wanted them to take charge of their lives. And they grabbed hold of my heart as they did so.

This series started as a trilogy, but thanks to some wonderful reader feedback, and the enthusiasm of my CP Angela, and Editor Holly, I don't know that I can set this world aside just yet.

To celebrate the release of ebook and print versions of Three's a Clan, I'm doing a GIVEAWAY!

Use the handy dandy rafflecopter widget below to put your name in the running for signed print copies of Love's a Witch AND Three's a Clan.

Thank you to everyone who has been on this crazy ride with me so far. We're just getting started.


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