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Hybrid Hijinks for 99¢

Got 99¢?

Got the urge to read about some paranormal opposites who can't keep their paws to themselves?

Got an e-reader? Or a smart phone? Or a computer?

Take advantage of this limited time sale on A Love Worth Biting For: Hart Clan Hybrids 1.

Come along for the ride as the Hart Clan Hybrids begin their journey.

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Who’s afraid of the big bad hybrid?

Hart Clan Hybrids, Book 1

Amber Paulson’s wolf has chosen a mate for her, but Amber is not amused with its pick. Jake Meyers might look amazing in a wet T-shirt and have the cheekbones and strong jaw that artists drool over. Too bad he is missing a pulse. 

Jake is a vampire, well, mostly. Then a tall, curvy redhead pops up on his radar and something awakens in him. Even though he tries to stay away, Amber gets under his skin, and his vampire/werewolf heritage starts to become more bark and less bite. For the first time, he feels the call of the moon, and he knows it’s all because of Amber Paulson.

Amber’s trying to stay away, and Jake’s trying to not turn furry. They both fail miserably—and with a lot of sweaty and enjoyable property destruction.

By giving in to her mating call, Amber finds out more than she ever wanted to know about herself, her family, and the rogue wolf who took so much from her so long ago. As her past comes back to bite her, she’ll have to decide what she’s willing to give up for her mate. Her home? Her pack? Her…heartbeat? 
Product Warnings
This book contains a snarky shifter heroine who could give Sookie a run for her money, a hot hunk of a vampire with a soft (and furry) side, and sex so sizzling that even an inter-species war can’t get in the way

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The Cookie Monster

Now anyone that knows me understands I am addicted to a few things.
Cookies are one of them, the other is, ummmm, errrr, and well you know.
I like all types of cookies and with a glass of milk I’m in heaven.
Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and so many others cause me to be a blissful, drooling mess.
I do have one indulgence I always enjoy and eating a few Oreo’s before going to dentist is always fun. Doing it the evening before is even funnier, except for the wifey staying a good 2 feet away and saying, “Don’t breathe on me”.
Yes, Oreo’s, milk and a baseball game are always a good Saturday, (or cartoons, hey, I am a big kid at heart and still like the Rugrats).
But I found some extremely disturbing things as I wandered around the grocery store. At first I held back gagging, then blinked a few times thinking it was a bad dream. Looking again I saw, in horror, various sick flavors of Oreo’s. There are a bunch posted here but I was a little sickened thinking of Watermelon Oreo’s, or fruity flavored ones.
I mean it was sacrilege when they made “thin” Oreo’s. Really???? What genius thought of this? That’s right, the same idiot that made sugarless ice cream, YUCK.
I know some people aren’t as crazed about cookies as I am. But what would you do if they filled your favorite chocolate with spam?
Change is good, it shows vision. There are some things that you shouldn’t mess with.
Doing cover versions of classic songs, remaking classic movies and screwing with classic cookies.
Stepping off my soapbox now. Have a great day everyone. I’m going to go drown my sorrows in a tall glass of 2% milk and a dozen double stuffed original Oreo cookies.

Would you be willing to try some of these?


Tell us what dessert you wouldn't want messed with.

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Smut Hunting

This will probably come as a shocker to anyone who has read my books, and particularly for anyone who has ever chatted with me, but my mind hasn’t always been a fantastically smutty wonderland filled with hot naked werewolves and sex swings. No, that particular odyssey didn’t take fruition until late 2009, when I wisely asked my editor if she thought I should try my hand at writing a menage. At the time, I was continuously getting beaten over the head by my muse (she’s exceptionally mean to me, let me tell ya.) with this sparkling plot bunny involving two dragon brothers and the woman they’ve been sent to collect as their sacrifice.

I’ll be honest, a menage was so far removed from anything I’d written before, it actually scared me to contemplate writing one. But there was also a part of me that loved the challenge of stepping out of my comfort zone. When my editor gave me her wholehearted approval for the idea, I jumped in with eyes wide open and no freakin’ clue of the monster I was about to create. No, I’m not talking about my dragon beasties, but the insatiable smutter hunter I would become. That’s right. Smutter hunter. Plop a fedora on my head and a dick-shaped pencil in my hand and I’ll put Indiana Jones to shame. But I digress. Once I’d unleashed that Pandora’s box of kinky delights there was no way I could shut it again. Trust me, I’ve tried. But no matter how hard I attempt to convince them otherwise, my characters keep insisting on kinking up the pages of my books. They’re insatiable, incorrigible, and a bunch of other words that start with “In” that I’m too lazy to go look up in the dictionary. But you get my drift. So this brought me to my own shocking epiphany. Is it possible that I’ve always been drawn to the smuttastic, but for whatever reason, I’d muted out my muse before that fateful book? Possibly.

You see, I’ve always been one of those readers who’d get irrationally huffy if I accidentally fell across a book that presented the promise of hot times between the sheets but failed to deliver the goods. Closed door sex?!? WTF?!? I’ll say it again for proper and needlessly dramatic emphasis. W.T.F. Just like some readers investigate whether a book has sex in it before they buy, I go out of my way to ensure that it does. Hell, if I was interested in a sex free zone, I’d travel back to my twenties. Ahem. But that’s another story for another time.

So how about you, lovely readers? Do you ever get irrationally huffy when the book you’re reading falls short in the sex department? Or have you read some really excellent ones where it didn’t matter? And for those who might be wondering, that kinky dragon menage book is Light My Fire. If you’re interested in a properly smuttastic excerpt, read on for a peek into the book that started my smutter hunter journey.

Double the firepower, triple the heat…

Aiden Fortune’s orders are clear: Find the woman, claim her as a sexual sacrifice—and share her with his horndog twin brother. Distasteful as it is, the Drakoni council insists the ancient custom be honored. Or Aiden will be banished.

One glance at Dana Cooper, and Aiden is thrown into the dragon version of a tailspin. Claim her? Hell, yes, he’ll claim her. Problem is, she has no idea her father signed away her destiny at birth.
Dana has dated enough whack-a-doodles to fill an insane asylum. Two gorgeous men claiming to be dragons? Par for the course. Until they give her a tantalizing glimpse of their inner beasts, which makes her think she’s the one headed for a padded cell—for actually considering their offer of the hottest sex of her life, for life.

Her resistance melts away under the onslaught of two men who pack enough heat to set off smoke alarms in a six-block radius. Especially when she realizes she’s falling for Aiden. But with a town full of dragon hunters and an enemy lurking in the shadows, surviving a week of Aiden and Jace’s double-teaming will be the least of her problems…

Warning: Contains two smokin’ hot dragons and their not-so-unwilling sacrifice. A few wardrobe malfunctions and inappropriate use of paintbrushes. You might want to have your local fire department on speed dial.

Wiping her damp fingers on the hem of her polo, Dana hustled toward the rear hallway. She rounded the corner in time to see Aiden dragging a limp Emmaline through an opened doorway. Breaking into a run, Dana barreled down the corridor and skidded into her aunt’s small office. Her heart thundering, she gaped at Aiden and Jace while they gently settled Emmaline onto the raggedy tweed loveseat wedged in the corner. “What happened?”

Aiden grunted. “My dumbass brother showed your aunt his inner beastie.”

Dana glared at Jace. “That better not be code for you waving your Johnson.”

Jace sputtered a laugh. “No.”

A low groan floated from Emmaline and her eyelashes fluttered. Dana rushed to the sofa. She dropped to her knees on the cushion, prompting the broken spring in the frame to give an indignant woongg. Emmaline gave her a blank stare. “I think I fainted. How quaint and embarrassing.”

Relieved almost to tears that her aunt was apparently okay, Dana grinned. “You always were a bit of a drama queen.”

“No, hon. You have me confused with Raul.” Emmaline shifted her head and yelped when she spotted Aiden and Jace. Her face went whiter than Raul’s homemade Alfredo sauce.

Dana shot Jace a fierce look. “Are you certain you didn’t show her your dick?” A hum of warning came from her aunt and Dana rolled her eyes. “Sorry, I mean penis.”

Emmaline struggled to the edge of the cushion. “Don’t antagonize them. Dragons have a fiery temper.”

“Oh my God. I can’t believe you guys told her that kooky story!” Dana jumped up and slashed her hand in the direction of the door. “Get out. Now.”

Emmaline tugged the hem of Dana’s polo shirt. “Hon, fireballs. That’s all I’m saying.”

One corner of Aiden’s mouth tipped upward. “Don’t worry. We have no intention of flambĂ©ing your niece.”

Arrgh. Would you stop it? And you…” Dana shook a finger at Emmaline. “Don’t encourage their lunacy.”

“Sweetheart, listen to me.” Emmaline grabbed Dana’s extended hand and tugged her onto the loveseat. “They really are dragons. Drakoni. I saw it with my own eyes.” She sent a pleading look toward Aiden and Jace. “Show her.”

Both men stood stubbornly mute.

“Oh no you don’t.” Displaying her typical spunk, Emmaline pushed onto her feet and stormed toward the brothers, her orthopedic sneakers squeaking. The crown of her permed hair barely reached the middle of Jace’s broad chest. The huge discrepancy in their sizes didn’t stop her from yapping at him like an enraged Pekinese. “You’re not getting away with making me look like a blabbering fool. I’m giving you two seconds to flash her some lizard eyes or I’m telling those hunters out there exactly what you are.”

Aiden’s nostrils flared. “You wouldn’t.”

Crossing her arms over her chest, Emmaline tapped a foot. “Try me.”

“Damn it.” Aiden plowed his fingers through his hair, leaving it in messy spikes. “We didn’t want to throw everything at Dana before she’s ready.”

“Ah, screw it.” Jace stalked toward the sofa and leaned over Dana. He blinked and his blue irises glimmered, shifting into brilliant amber. Quicker than she could fathom it, his pupils elongated into distinctively reptilian-like slits.

Her chin plummeting, Dana slumped, banging her head on the loveseat’s tall back. Jace turned to face Emmaline. “Happy now?”

“Wh-what was that?” Wincing at the screechiness of her voice, Dana scrambled from the cushions and whirled in front of Jace. His eyes had returned to normal. For a brief moment, she wondered if she’d imagined the whole thing. No, that didn’t make sense. She wasn’t prone to hallucinations. Okay, there’d been that freaky incident involving cold medicine and a talking Ficus tree, but that was a long time ago.

“It was a brief glimpse of my Drakoni form. I’d have shown you more, but I didn’t want to scare you. Not to mention your aunt would have been pissed if I tore through her roof.”

Emmaline sniffed. “You can bet your cute dragon buns on that.”

Dana sank onto the arm of the loveseat and scrubbed a hand across her face. “You know you guys are only supposed to exist in fairy tales and low budget sci-fi movies, right?”

Aiden’s dark, penetrating gaze ensnared her. “And your paintings. Let’s not forget those.”

His husky voice provoked unbidden images of her fantasy dragon—the decadent beast that starred in her most bizarre and X-rated dreams. The same beast that ultimately earned a depiction in her most erotic creation. Heat spiraled from the core of her sex all the way to her nipples. Just thinking about her nocturnal dragon almost made her orgasm. Jeez, thank God she didn’t. How embarrassing would that have been? “Let’s pretend for a second that my head isn’t ready to explode. Mind explaining how you’re able to walk around in a man suit?”

Aiden’s eyebrows winged upward. “Man suit? Interesting term. I’ll have to remember it.” His expansive shoulders hitched in the faintest shrug. “The abridged version is we’re shifters. Our human form was built into our genetic code to enable us to blend in with society.”

Jace nodded. “Yep. Kinda tough for a fourteen-foot dragon not to stick out in the crowd.”

Automatically, Dana’s attention lifted to the ceiling. Okay, he hadn’t been exaggerating about damaging the roof. “Man, you guys must have ginormous houses.”

A chuckle broke from Aiden. “We limit our Drakoni forms for the outdoors.”

“Smart thinking.” Dana fiddled with a stray lock of hair that’d escaped her scrunchie. “Next question—what are you doing here? With me, I mean.”

Aiden stepped beside Jace. “I told you. You’re our sacrifice.”

What?” Emmaline shrieked.

They all turned to stare at Dana’s aunt. The color slowly leached from her skin again. “Are you saying you’re going to eat her?”

“Well, not necessarily in the way you’re thinking.” A wicked grin stretched Jace’s mouth. Aiden punched him hard enough in the arm he stumbled sideways.

“What my brother means is she’s not that kind of sacrifice.”

“All right, then what kind is she?” Emmaline demanded.

The flush that raced over Aiden’s cheekbones was downright adorable. “Uh…it’s probably best if we don’t go into the nitty-gritty details. I wouldn’t want to embarrass you.”

Enlightenment replaced Emmaline’s scowl. “Sex? Is that what this is about? Jeez Louise, I’m not a nervous virgin who’ll fall into vapors at mere mention of the word.” She suddenly frowned. “Come to think of it, Dana isn’t exactly a virgin either. Isn’t she supposed to be untouched in order to be placed on the sacrificial chopping block? She’s had her fair share of lovers. Not an outrageous amount or anything, but let’s just say the girl’s no longer pure as driven snow. Maybe she’s not exactly tarnished as the mucky black stuff you see piled on the side of the—”

“Okay, you’ve officially clobbered that simile and it’s now whimpering for mercy.” Dana didn’t know whether to hug her aunt or throttle her. On one hand, it was darned sweet that Emmaline was fishing for a way to save Dana from becoming the sacrificial offering. On the other hand, it was rather mortifying to have her sex life up for debate.

“Virginity isn’t a requirement,” Aiden said, his strained voice breaking through Dana’s internal grumblings.

“Besides, do you have any idea how hard it is to find a virgin these days?” Jace’s smile turned teasing. “We’d have better luck finding the Easter Bunny.”

Dana dug her fingers into her temples. “Don’t tell me it exists too?”

“Don’t know. But I sure do love me some rabbit.” Smacking his lips, Jace rubbed his stomach.

“That is really warped.” Despite the weirdness of everything, Dana couldn’t help her chuckle from joining Jace’s full-scale belly laugh. Once the hilarity passed, the seriousness of the situation returned and she shoved her hands against her lap, twisting her fingers together nervously. “I’m still not clear on this whole sacrifice thing. You want me to have sex with one of you—why?”

The now all-too-familiar silent communication passed between Aiden and Jace, earning an exasperated groan from Dana. “Would you quit that and just spit it out already?”

“Fine, you want blunt?” Aiden, his jaw hard as stone, pinned her with a stare that sizzled. “You’re not having sex with one of us. We’re a package deal.”


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My Wine Strips

See these? These are wine taste testers.

Remember those mouthwash strips we all thought were cool about a decade ago? Remember how we'd use them and lick the roof of our mouths like cows chewing their cud?

Yeah. That was sexy. Totally worth freshening our breath.

Well, the other day when I was walking down my wine aisle I found the same breath strips. Only they don't freshen your breath. They are WINE STRIPS!

Well damn. I am always up for a way to try something new. So I started to empty the machines of samples...or I would have if they had any alcohol in them.

That's right. These strips are all the taste of alcohol, all the sexy cud-chewing hottness of those mouthwash strips, and completely alcohol free. I can't pronounce most of the ingredient list in this, but one of them is Caster Oil. Does this count as food?

Disappointing. But I still grabbed one of each sample so I can share the experience with you all.

Let's start with the chardonnay.

Not gonna lie. The strip feels like plastic. I am going to make plastic dissolve on my tongue. At least it's not going to a landfill. It would probably dissolve anyway, but I'm rambling because I don't think this is going to be pleasant.

Okay. It's on my tongue. WHY DOES IT BURN?!?!? Okay. It's melting. Aaaaannnnd it's on the roof of my mouth. It won't come off the roof of my mouth.

Vaguely sweet. But it tastes more like I'm drinking wine out of a horrible plastic cup. And I might have microwaved the cup so that the cup melted and I'm drinking the wine through a hole in the bottom and possibly ingesting melted plastic in the process.

Verdict. That was weird.

Time for the white zinfandel. 

It looks like a band-aid. Band-aids aren't tasty. When I peel it off, it looks like a face is in the crystals on the strip. My guardian angel is telling me this is not going to taste good either.

Hmmm. This one isn't as bad. It tastes like a fruit rollup that went past its expiration date. Or maybe like licking the plastic a fruit rollup comes on. Wait. It's already gone? That one dissolved fast.

Every time I inhale now I get booze aftertaste. This is making me want real wine. Points to the marketing team. But I also want fruit rollups.

Last but not least, the Cabernet Sauvignon. I have high hopes for this one. I like red wine.

This one has spots in it. Hopefully those dissolve well. I wonder if I'll have spots on my tongue.

High hopes were too high. This tastes like medicine. It tastes like really strong medicine that your mom swore was grape flavored, but all it tasted like was Satan burned your yummy grape Popsicle and killed all the hopes and dreams of anything tasting good ever.

Of course this one is hanging around. The other two faded quick, but Nooooooo, Satan's grape strip is a living thing inside my mouth.

Blerg. It's in the back of my throat. Every time I inhale it's like I'm breathing in air with burned grape plastic mesh that hits my taste buds and electrocutes them.

I need something...

Hold on. Alcohol should clear the taste.

Bottom's up, y'all. :D

Did you ever find anything that was so strange you had to try it? Had anything in strip form that really should never appear in strip form?

I'm prepping for the release of Three's a Clan. I can safely say, I won't be buying this stuff as my celebratory wine.

To find Roxy's books with buy links and what she has coming up next check out her website at

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Hottest Hero: Lust With a Laugh Play-At-Home Edition Round 2

All of us at Lust With a Laugh are having a blast watching the votes roll in for the Hottest Hero over at All Romance. We're rooting for our friends, and casting our own votes too.

And just like the, we're posting how our heroes got their first kiss with their heroine.

Tell us who you think is the champion of the lip lock.


Sophia, looking for her missing aunt, seeks alpha wolf Noah at beta Mason’s garage.

Any words forming in her brain never made it to her mouth as his lips claimed hers.

Male. Exciting. He dazzled all her senses, the scent of crisp cotton and fresh outdoors, the taste of dark and wild magic. His lips caressed her, soft and sweet, while the spear of his tongue blazed. Her sighs were underscored by his pleased growls.

Awash in him, her heart thudded and her blood sang. Bursts of pleasure sparkled like firecrackers. She lifted on her toes for more.

His kiss slanted and deepened, the wild taking of the wolf but also the mastery of the man, one who knew how to give a woman what she wanted. Her mouth opened and his tongue plunged. His fingers threaded in her hair to pull her closer. Their bodies melded like two candles dripping hot wax.

Mason cleared his throat.

Noah stiffened. Lifted his head with a soft sigh.

Without the liquid caress of his hot, expert mouth, Sophia’s sanity returned. What had she done? Witch and shifter…no, not, never. She gathered enough tattered willpower to step out of his arms.

“I’m sorry…” Her voice was breathy. Damn singing hormones. She tried again. “I’m sorry that happened.”

He stepped back too. “Why?” He crossed his arms, his biceps and pecs bulging. “I’m not.”
She swallowed her tongue, totally forgetting why she should be sorry. Oh yeah, shifter/witch taboo—but he wouldn’t know she was a witch. And even if he did, he wouldn’t care. Most shifters pretended the Witches’ Council didn’t exist.

“Hey,” Mason said. “I didn’t want you two to stop. I just wanted to let you know that if you’re going to get friendly—” Mason’s grin was so big Sophia wanted to punch him, “—I’m heading out now. There’s a couch in the office. Lock up when you’re done.” He lumbered off.

“Stars,” she said. “What was that all about?”

“He’s encouraging me to find a wife.” Noah grimaced.

Noah wasn’t mated. Yes. No. None of her business.

But poor Noah. He had his own Aunt Linda, nagging for the pitter-patter of little paws. Although with the confident way he stood there, bigger and badder than anything, it was hard to feel too sorry.
Noah thrust his hands in his pockets. It framed all that was glorious. “I should go too.”

“Wait. I wanted to talk with you.”


“Why? Um, well, the reason I wanted to talk with you is…” What had she wanted to ask? Are you dating? What’s your phone number? What size condom do you wear? She rubbed her eyes. “My aunt. Linda.” She dropped her hand and met his silver gaze. “I think you were the last person to see her. Do you know where she went?”

“I’m sorry, no. She left the bookstore when I did, but she didn’t share her plans with me.”

Disappointment gnawed Sophia’s gut. “Can you at least tell me if she was okay?”

“Yes.” His response was immediate and reassuring. “Don’t worry about your aunt. She was fine. A little flustered, but fine.”

He’d seen her worry and didn’t hesitate to comfort her. He must be a very good alpha.

“I’m relieved to hear it. What about that boy my aunt called you in for? Was he still in the store at that point?”

“Marlowe? The boy is my responsibility. I can assure you he will be punished and your aunt reimbursed. In fact, if you want to get repairs going, I’ll personally vouch for the funds.”

“Thank you.” All that muscle, and responsible too. Some little she-wolf was going to be very lucky someday. “But that’s not what I meant. I’d like to talk with him. Do you know where he lives?”
Something shuttered in Noah’s gaze. “The boy left before I did. He knows nothing.” The reply had “back off” stamped all over it.

As if that would stop her. She gave a mental shrug. She’d have to get the boy’s address another way. 

“I’d better get back to the bookstore. If you think of anything, come see me, okay? The sign will be Closed, but I’ll be there.”

“You and me. Alone.” His molten gaze ran over her, chasing a shiver from her head to her toes and back again, lingering on her lips so long she had to work not to lick them. Finally he said, “Let me get this straight. You want me, a stranger, to come to the bookstore, where we’ll be alone—after what just happened between us?”

Put like that, reinforced by his hot all-over gaze, it sounded like an invitation to ravish her. “Uh…yes?”

He shook his head, more disbelief than a no. “You’re temptation on a stick. I’m not quite that masochistic.”

“Me? Have you been chewing Viagra?” She considered herself, banker chic in navy-blue pants suit, pumps and pearls. “I’m no cover model.”

“I’ve never cared for eau de airbrush. Believe me, your real beauty is far more alluring.” His eyes fired white-hot on her, a beastly hunger that was pure wolf.

That look promised instant ravaging. Hot, hard, animal sex.

She swallowed all the way to where she was wet. She wasn’t completely certain she’d stop him.

Find out what happens when Noah gets more than a kiss, and get your hands on Heart Mates HERE.


“Are you really going out with Paisley to get laid tonight?” He asked me with his hands on his hips. His manner was very confrontational.

“That does not answer my question about the food.”

“I want an answer to my question first.” He folded his arms over his chest. His forearms flexed and I admired the musculature under his skin. I wondered if any of his arms were mechanics.

“I was planning on dancing more. I was not planning on lying down.”

He exhaled and dropped his arms. “Then yes, I would love a sandwich.”

I prepared him a sandwich and removed some of the fennel salad to put on his plate as well. I waited for him to make noises of contentment around his meal before I continued the conversation. “I will, however, have sex should the opportunity arise. I find myself anticipating the opportunity to have another orgasm.”

Quinn began choking. He had inhaled his sandwich. That was no way to process nutrients. I walked behind him and slapped him on the back to break up any large particles in his airway. He sputtered and made noises, but drank the water I put in front of him and seemed to recover nicely.

I would have given him the Heimlich maneuver, but I found myself wanting to touch him in other places and it would not have been easy to keep my hands in the proper position.

“Coral, you can’t go pick up men and have sex with them.”

“I will do my best to give them an orgasm as well. I want to make sure the experience is satisfactory for all parties involved.” I went back to the dishes. Quinn should have been satisfied now that I had explained I would not be seeking only my pleasure.

He wasn’t.

“That’s not what I am getting at.” He got up and stood right behind me. My skin felt warmer even without him touching me. Was there some kind of strange reaction that our systems had with each other?

I pulled the drain as I set the last clean dish in the drying rack and turned towards the man behind me. I was going to explain that this was not negotiable. I was going to explain that just because I was mechanics didn’t mean I couldn’t give and receive this kind of pleasure.

I had all of the words in queue to be processed through my vocal chords. Then Quinn gripped me by my upper arms and leaned in to kiss me. His lips pressed against mine. His body pushed mine up against the sink behind us.

I’d never been more uncomfortable in my maid’s uniform. I wanted all of it off. Quinn couldn’t touch my pussy with my stockings and underwear on. He needed to touch my pussy. I felt myself getting wet at the thought of him touching me like he did last night. I pressed my hips against his. That’s when I knew there were mechanics in both his arms, because he held me tight.

His tongue slipped against my lips. I opened my mouth to ask him why he was licking me on my face when he could have been licking my pussy again. Instead of my argument my tongue was busy wrapping and sliding around Quinn’s. This felt good too.

I lifted my hands to his chest and gripped his shirt to pull him closer. When he realized I was not going to push him away he released my arms and wrapped his strong limbs around me. One hand rose to grip the French twist in my hair and move my head where he wanted while he kissed me. The other hand went lower and gripped my ass. He pressed my body harder against his. I liked that.

His erection pressed against my stomach and I wanted to have sex even more. If my pleasure receptors were firing off this much data at the touch of his penis on my belly… through all these layers of clothes…I wanted to have sex. Immediately.

If you're as ready as the Coral-600 for the story to continue pick up your copy HERE.


"You have to let them know you're the one in charge."

It took several beats for him to realize she was talking about child rearing and not something else. Though considering the tantalizing placement of her hand, she definitely coulda been referrin' to something else. He slid his palm to her nape and followed the delicate arch of her neck. "And what's the best means of doin' that?"

"For starters, Hunter shouldn't be playing unsupervised over there."

He reversed course and slid his fingers through Zoe's silky fine hair and tugged slightly. She shivered, a soft breath catching in her throat.

"Hunter, get up here where we can see you," he called without removing his gaze from Zoe's.


"Good boy." Dylan wrapped Zoe's hair around his fist and coaxed her closer.

A gasp broke from her. "I can't -"

He stopped the remainder of her words with his mouth.

Four years of aching for her went into his kiss. He wished he could say some finesse went in there too, but likely not. Judging from the hungry way she sucked at his tongue, she wasn't complaining.

Need more Dylan? Pick up his story HERE.

Now that you're warmed up by our sexy heroes, head on over to All Romance, and show some love to the authors who are competing in Round 2 of the Hottest Hero Contest

Check in with us next week as we continue to have our heroes battle it out.

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All Romance's Hottest Hero Contest: Play at Home Edition!

All Romance is holding a HOTTEST HERO contest! It's a fun time of authors battling it out with sexy heroes. Is there any better way to battle? Well...maybe if we got pictures. ;)

I'm up for hottest #ROBOSEX hero with Quinn from my novella Coral-600. Click HERE and scroll to Pair #10 if you want to give my robobabe some love.

Hero Name: Quinn

Hero's Profession: Retired War Hero

Physical Description: 
His triple blink and the slight click of his biometal skeleton modifications are the only giveaways that Quinn is more than human. Broad shoulders, dark hair, and the need to ingest lubricating cocktails gives him just the right amount of stunning to attract members of the robotic persuasion.

Special Skills Hero May Have:
Bringing CPU-Frying Orgasms to the masses. And stun gun fingers.

Quinn walked up to me and took my hands. “Coral, I didn’t mean what I said at the club like you think I did. I know you are not a pleasure bot. I was trying to tell myself it wasn’t right to want you like I do. I shouldn’t want to touch you as much as I do, and keeping my hands to myself is not easy when you feel so good beneath my fingers.”

Then my skin wasn’t quite as unresponsive to him. “I am not that different from you. One organ does not make up a person.”

“Can we not talk about my genitals?”

“I meant your brain.”

Quinn looked back to the ceiling for a moment. “Sometimes for men it’s pretty much the same thing.”

“Your brain is in your genitals?”

Quinn let go of my hands and grabbed my face. The sensors didn’t care that I was upset with his assumptions and comments. My data collection seemed to go off the charts when he was near and my systems just shut down. I couldn’t gather any more input than his touch on my skin. I didn’t want to. There were a lot of things we should discuss, but Quinn didn’t want to talk about that until morning, and when his thumb brushed over my lower lip, all I wanted was his kiss.

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Now for the fun part. Jodi and Mary are playing along too! Read about their heroes and tell us below who among the three of us would win your vote!

Hero: Dylan Walker

Hero's Profession: Bass guitarist for Truckstop Pickup

Physical Description: 
6'2", dark blond hair, and knows how to fill out a pair of Wranglers.

Special Skills Hero May Have:
Can disintegrate a woman's panties with his stare alone.

“There are plenty of extra rooms in the house.” He couldn’t resist teasing her with his best smoky stare. “Then again, mine does have the comfiest bed, Goldilocks.”

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Hero: Noah Blackwood

Hero's profession: Alpha

Physical Description: 

A bass voice that thrums from the dark depths, masculine, vibrating with power that plucks a long string of deep, throbbing need in Sophia. Crane-her-neck tall. A smooth prowl, all muscular grace, extraordinary strength and endurance. A fall of black hair over a high, regal brow. He’s total alpha—powerful, deadly and sexy as hell.
Special Skills Hero May Have
Power shows in the eyes. Noah has power, and to spare, showing in irises of pure silver around pupils which open to his mate like velvety black pools. 

“I’ve never cared for eau de airbrush. Believe me, your real beauty is far more alluring.”

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