Monday, May 25, 2015

It's NOT Porn...It's Research

I love my job as a writer. People always assume as an erotic romance author we are sex-crazed people. Well…not to screw up everyone’s perception…but it is true. Most of us may seem to hide behind this fa├žade of humble upbringings to hide the darker, seedy side of romance writers.

I bring this up because I was asked again in my “real life” about it. I don’t hide what I do but never talked about it. It was my life and nobody’s business. Then it was revealed that I was a writer through a Google search and I had to deal with all the standard questions and miscellaneous things said.

For me…my career started as a dick-double in the porn industry. I never had the face for movies so they would do all the close-ups with other actor’s faces. Due to a birth defect and a slight case of elephantitus, I was extremely endowed with what resembled a large cucumber between my legs. 11 inches and a bend to the left when erect made the abnormality something that porn directors would request.

My work was mainly a day-by-day thing where I would do seven or eight scenes then not work again for a week then do seven or eight the next weekend. The money was descent and I would get laid regularly. After a freak groin pull accident involving a midget, a blender and a life sized Barbie blow-up doll I decided to turn to writing.

Obviously that all was a bunch of bullshit because like most writers we all lead normal lives except the chosen few that live the insane dream of making it rich with their books.  

I like to write sexy stories. Shoot me…
I find sex to be amazing and at times really funny. The “O” faces alone can make you burst out in laughter.

I think it is a great release to write things I wish I were capable of. What man wouldn’t want to have the power over a woman they desire to bring her to new heights of ecstasy. Oh, and all those women are virgins and never been with another man and this singular time will ruin them for any man afterward because it will be so completely mind blowing.

As for porn…ummm,  it’s research. I mean some of the positions I can think of seem physically impossible until I see…”Oh ya, Barbie Buxom did that in a movie with the three football players and the goat mascot.”

In all honesty I think most romance writers write from their own love of romance. They love passion and telling stories about people and mix a little of their own wants and desires into the characters. The female characters are all a side of the writer (or in my case the male characters are a lot like me…tall, handsome and hung like a horse).

I have been blessed in meeting so many different people in my life and all the writers I call “friends” share the same thing. They have stories in their hearts to share with the readers. We all feel lust, the darker side to sex and all that but our deepest and hidden beasts are our own and a great story just adds fuel to their fires.

When asked, “Why do I write erotic romance?”
I tend to answer with a standard response, “Because I enjoy sex, love and humor and it’s the easiest way to mix the three.”

Truth is, I just like making people feel romantic and silly because that’s what makes me happy.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Sex Happens...

 It's that time of year again when the weather is finally warming up in my neck of the woods. We start to grill out, get some fresh air, and start thinking about activities outside that don't involve ten layers of clothing.

Aside from making s'mores, I enjoy just being outside and watching the world go by. Before the bugs come out of hiding, and after the sun has moved off center of blazing down on my porch. I said I like outside, but that doesn't mean I like slathering in sunscreen and bugspray.

In just a few weeks, Love's a Witch (Hart Clan Hybrids #2) will be available in print! (Psst...if you click the link on the title Samhain Publishing has the paperback on sale for a limited time!)

I'm working on a few other projects at the moment, but I've started to notice a theme. My couples seem to have trouble finding a bed. I've got campfire sex, treehouse sex, sex in an attic...and a few other places that seem to be completely mattress free.

Some might say that's not realistic, but I'd like to remind you, my characters have mind control and shape-shifting abilities. They can have sex outside, and in rooms without beds, if they want to.

I've also been doing a lot of research on how people all over the place make due with what they've got.

There are endless articles about how to find the perfect position in specific small spaces, what positions work best in small spaces in general, and even articles about the fact that YES, even if you live in a small house, romance is possible.

So if you see a book that makes you just a wee bit skeptical...remember, people have been getting hot and heavy in small spaces for centuries. Flexibility and creativity are traits to be admired. I hope you find my Hart Clan Hybrids...admirable. ;p

Happy Summer! And Happy Reading!


You can’t outrun love, especially when it runs on four legs.  
Hart Clan Hybrids, Book 2
Since a very real set of vampire fangs sank into her arm, Mary Fields has accepted that she’s part of a magical world where all her dreams and visions finally make sense.
As she journeys to find a Wiccan mentor who’ll help her get a handle on her new powers, she clings to the one relic from her former life—a sketchpad. She also tries to ignore the red mating aura she’s beginning to see around her only companion on the trip—the hottie she used to read to at the library.
Mary’s readings were once a fun distraction from the cruel joke the supernatural world played on Craig Hart. He’s supposed to protect her from vampires out to make her their personal blood supply, yet he can’t bring himself to keep his paws off.
As Mary digs deep for the inner strength to protect herself, one stumble off her magical path sends her straight into Craig’s arms. Where love burns…but so does a truth that could turn that red mating aura into a river of blood.
Product Warnings
This book contains outdoor sex without the benefit of bug spray, and erotic biting that could result in involuntary eruptions of fur.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Short shorts and Soundtrack Super Twins

Hello all you Lust With a Laughers! I'm currently tearing my hair out getting everything ready for my trip to the Romantic Times Convention in Dallas. If you're attending be sure to flag me down and say hi! I'll be the frazzled blonde who's constantly mumbling something about needing an intravenous feed of caffeine. Actually, that probably describes at least half of the con attendees, so maybe just look for my badge. Anywho, today I'm sharing a post that the fabulous Selena Illyria and I did for Magical Musings a while back. I hope you enjoy a tiny peek into the madness that is our writing process!

Jodi: When the awesomesauce Mary Hughes invited us to blog together, well, we were slightly concerned aliens might have bodysnatched her. It’s always a huge risk allowing me and Selena to cohabitate web space together. Garden gnome armies invade Detroit. Godzilla attacks the Jersey Shore. Exotic male dancers shape-shift into Yetis and make us waffles and bacon.

Selena: Unicorns invade Texas and have a cake decorating contest. Shape-shifting squirrels try and take over the White House to demand the world’s nut supply. Bees try to…wait…wait…they haven’t done anything yet. Whew.

Jodi: Okay, I’m failing to see the problem here.

Selena: Me neither. Does this mean we get pancakes and waffles for life? Cause I could be down with that.

Jodi: As always, you’re the voice of reason, Super Twin. No wonder our brains are so in sync! What? It’s not as terrifying as it seems.

Selena: I am? When did this happen? Oh my god! Someone has taken over my body and me…*shudder* I’m…sane. Make it stop, Super Twin!

Jodi: Oh my God, first the aliens got Mary, and now you too! *prepares my tin foil hat just in case* But on the bright side, at least the aliens will never take our outstanding taste in music from us. Your Musical Monday picks always get a big Thumbs up from me. In fact, several of them have ended up on my book soundtracks. And that’s something we both are a bit fanatical about—soundtracking our books. Is that something you’ve always done?

Selena: Not always. At first I needed quiet but then I couldn’t get in the mood you know? So I had to find a song that would say everything I wanted to say in that scene, only then it turned into more than one song and well…yeah.

Jodi: Same here! Nothing inspires me and gets me rooted into a story like music. My characters have even gotten me to listen to stuff I normally wouldn’t even listen to. *cough* Disco *cough* What’s the craziest or out of the norm song that’s ever inspired you?

Selena: Disco? Whaaaa? Super Twin you did not put on a polyester suit and start singing Stayin Alive did you? I won’t judge, promise.

*Jodi discreetly removes her polyester leisure suit*

Selena: Okay, so it’s weird but I listen to metal or rock to write sex scenes. Like Chevelle’s The Red really gets me in the mood to write sex scenes. Are we still PG? Is this PG?

Jodi: Pretty sure this is as PG as we get! And you think that’s weird? Remember you’re talking to the chick who choreographs love scenes to banjo tunes. But you’ve gotta admit that this cover of Anaconda by Postmodern Jukebox is effin’ outstanding. But I digress. I learn something new about you every day, Super Twin! I mentioned disco, but probably the craziest musical inspiration I ever had was visualizing an entire book world off of the song, Will You Follow Me, by Rob Dougan. That book world eventually became my Thieves of Aurion series. Speaking of inspiring…*drools as I stare at the cover of Selena’s latest Bachelor Auction book.* Your werewolf hero, Brandon, has some seriously inspiring…abs. What? I am so behaving! Just curious, does Brandon have particular song he grooves to? (Hopefully buck naked).

Selena: Hmmm, *checks playlist* one song that comes to mind is Kongos- Come With Me Now. You have some seriously HOT men in your Fictional harem. What does Logan like to groove to? Hopefully while cleaning with only an apron on…

Jodi: Weeeellll, Logan has been known to Swiffer his heart out while shaking his money-maker to Howlin’ For You, by The Black Keys. I just wish he wouldn’t insist on actually howling along with the song. The neighbors are beginning to complain. But you know what would be SUPER INSPIRING? If Brandon and Logan dance to Christina Aguilera’s Your Body while wearing short shorts!

Selena: Oh! Oh! Yes! *gets the camera ready* We’ll want to use for blackmail…I mean posterity later…yeah.

Jodi: And that’s why we’re Super Twins. *prepares for the garden gnome army*

Jodi Redford pens wicked hot tales when not surfing the interwebs for sexy male eye candy, strictly for research purposes, of course.

The Seven Year Witch (That Old Black Magic Book 2)
After this much foreplay, something’s bound to combust.

As head mistress of Beaumont coven house, Clarissa Miles has perfected two things: keeping her sister witches from accidently turning innocent bystanders into toads, and resisting the sexy overtures of her familiar, werewolf Logan Scott.

But her resolve is vanishing—fast. Seven years ago she sold her soul to save her father, and that contract is coming due. The allure of spending her last days indulging in some dirty, naked loving is too tempting to resist.

Logan has patiently ridden out the past seven years, content to do Clarissa’s bidding and ignoring his consuming need to mark her as his. Now that the ban on witch/familiar fraternizing has been lifted, he’s off the leash and ready to launch a full-on sensual assault on her defenses. They’re destined mates, and he’ll do whatever it takes to convince her.

It’s delightfully easy to get her in bed. Get at her heart? Not so much. Especially when a deadly predator stakes its claim on her…and Logan faces a battle not only to win her heart, but save her soul.
Warning: This book contains a villain with more personalities than Sybil, a witch in search of redemption and a dirty-talking werewolf hell-bent on claiming his mate in every wicked, sexy way possible. Spontaneous howling may occur.

Selena Illyria–a multi-published author, part vampire, part pixie who was born with a need to write and enable.

Goal: A Mate (Bachelor Auction Book 2)  

When you meet your true mate, you’ve got to take the shot…

Werewolf Pack Princess Kelly is overwhelmed with her new business, trouble with the rival cat shifters, and trying to ignore the attraction to her best friend’s younger brother. By bidding on Brandon in the Bachelor Auction, she thought she was just doing him a favor, saving him from the craziness. But now that she’s won him, her wolf wants to mark him as her mate, and she’s starting to lose control. So when he whisks her away for his birthday weekend, how can she say no? Every kiss distracts her. Each caress sets her on fire. And every whiff of his scent makes her wolf want to take him where he stands.

As a former hockey player and werewolf, Brandon knows all about being pulled in different directions. And he knows exactly what he’s asking for when he pursues a relationship with the already overwhelmed Kelly. She may be five years older than he is, and the daughter of his pack’s Alpha, and his sister’s best friend and business partner, but none of that matters. There’s only one person he wants to spend his birthday with, and he’s not going to let her refuse. And when Brandon has his eye on the goal, there’s nothing that can stop him…

Monday, May 4, 2015

Witch Princess or Alpha Wolf--which are you? Plus PARTY Wednesday

You may be a witch princess if--
* You're Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.
* You saw all the Harry Potter movies in the theater.
* You custom design your cars in your head, and secretly wish you could make them fly.

You may be an alpha wolf if--
* Your voice holds a growling edge when you're feeling the burn.
* Your first reaction to danger is "Everyone run. I'll fight!"
* You're Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius.

Heart Mates (Pull of the Moon, Book 1)

Witch plus wolf? They’re allergic. Except no one told their hearts.

Shifters and witches? Forbidden on pain of death. Might as well stick a fork in a light socket. Yet those are the kind of sparks witch princess Sophia Blue feels when she meets wolf shifter Noah in her aunt’s bookstore.

But Sophia is stuck. Her aunt is missing and Noah, the last person to see her, is Sophia’s only hope. If not for that and her aunt’s new, cute little doggie, Sophia would run as far as she could from the sexy, hard-hewn alpha.

Noah’s stuck too. Before disappearing, the aunt hit him with a hex gone horribly wrong—he’s the doggie. By day he’s fifteen pounds of yippity-yip, and with five anti-alpha wolves nipping at his heels, that’s deadly dangerous. Only Sophia can help him, but she has lost her magic.

Then an evil mage from Sophia’s past shows up with murder on his mind, and all Noah’s instincts shout to protect the woman his misguided heart thinks is his mate.

Warning: Sinfully sexy alpha thrown together with a hot witch in a small town. Sass, sparkle, a meddling aunt, snafus, growling, fighting, and oh yeah, sex. Might want to get up to date on your shots.

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