Monday, April 27, 2015

Do You Have to Drink Coffee to be an Author?

Do you have to drink coffee to be an author? Of course not. Not...technically. But I will say, whenever we all congregate for a conference, one of the most vitally important questions asked is, "Where's the closest coffee shop?"
There are a few awesome women who actually bring their coffee makers with them to the con. Befriend these women. Just try not to bunk with them, because they probably have quite a few of us knocking on their door looking like a junkie waiting for a hit.

I started drinking coffee heavily when I was working overnights at a restaurant. When it's 4am and you're third shift crew has called off and you realize you're stuck there until at least 8am after working ten hours learn there is something to this dark and devious brew.
There's a beauty to being so hopped up on caffeine that you learn to appreciate the intricacies of the late night commercials, and even begin to discuss them with the other members of your staff who can't come down either.

I started to spend a lot of my late nights typing away on the computer. Granted...not all the ideas were my best, but sometimes I came up with something other people actually wanted to read. That's when I started drinking a bit of coffee to get some traction in my brain after a 12 hour shift. (Like the one I did last night)

There are days when I don't get my usual three cup minimum in....

But then there are days when someone says..."Anyone want to meet up at Panera? Where they have free coffee this month?" keeps me, and a LOT of other authors, going. It gives us the ability to turn caffeine into stories.

People look at me a bit crazy sometimes when I talk about my next story line, but I'm going to keep writing it. Making myself laugh, or turn on the A/C when my characters build up their chemistry, tells me at least one other person out there is doing the same. That's what makes me smile and keep going. you drink coffee? Or tea? Or are you one of those miracle people who exist without caffeinated beverages?

I'm a bit scared of you...


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Monday, April 20, 2015

Sexy Times With Garden Equipment

I frequently get asked what inspires me to write a love scene. It’d be easier to list what doesn’t inspire me to write hot sex. For those wondering, my high school algebra teacher and Steve Buscemi top that list. But let’s get back to what does go into creating those sexy times.

For me, it always starts with the characters. If I’ve done my job right, the sexual tension between the hero and heroine should be at the boiling point before the clothes start coming off. I want them to be panting with the desperate need to get  nekkid and busy between the sheets, on the kitchen table, the bathroom sink, the garden shed, the drive through at McDonalds (Would you like that orgasm supersized? Yeah, you know you do.)

So what might be some of the sexual stimuli responsible for getting my hero and heroine hot and bothered?  Sometimes it’s as simple as a touch. A teasing brush of his fingers across the heroine’s nape. Add to that maybe a certain look in his eyes. You know the one. That ‘Baby, if we weren’t standing in the lawn tractor aisle at Home Depot right now, I’d mow your turf six ways to Sunday’ sparkle in his eye. In case you didn’t know, the potent combination of lawn equipment, power tools and fertilizer fumes does lusty things to the male brain. Call it the perfect trifecta of horniness, if you will. But back to our hero and heroine. By now, she’s experiencing that delicious, shivery anticipation of more skin on skin contact with her hero. She starts imagining the glide of his fingers along more intriguing places than the nape of her neck. Maybe there are more tactile sensations involved as well. The rasp of his beard stubble across her breasts, her stomach…lower…


Yeah, right there—

Attention shoppers, all hanging geranium baskets are currently half off! 

Don’t you hate it when the perky sales announcer interrupts just when things are getting good? This of course mimics what my characters frequently go through during their constant dance of seduction. Instead of dirt cheap geraniums, the culprit for nookie blocking might initially be the hero and heroine’s own stubbornness. Or maybe we’ll blame it on the pain-in-the-ass neighbor who always picks the worst time to borrow a cup of sugar.  Just you wait, pain-in-the-ass neighbor. That cup of sugar won’t mean diddly squat in chapter eight when the zombies get you.

But I digress. Back to our poor heroine. It’s safe to assume that her anticipation isn’t the only thing quivering at this point. Thanks to her lusty thoughts and the sexual cues coming from our hero, every nerve ending in her body is primed and ready. Each breath she drags in is saturated with the sultry promise of sex. She can already feel his strong, powerful body over her, inside her, and the wanton ache of needing him is both tormenting and oh so delicious.

There’s only one thought in her mind now.  You know the one. Goes something like this–Honey Buns, if we weren’t standing in the lawn tractor aisle at Home Depot right now, I’d rock your world better than a Toro 12 amp variable speed electric blower.  That’s right. With variable speed. Oooh mama.

Requisite shot of inappropriately placed leaf blower
Speaking of men who know their way around a woman's turf, my newest release, Double Dare, features two hot, sex-on-a-stick landscapers. (Nice segue there, huh?) I'm kinda impressed with myself right now. But I digress. If you haven't picked up your copy yet, you can snag it for the super dooper bargain steal price of 99 cents. And while you're at it, don't forget to grab the other Lusty Linguists contributions to the April Fools For Love collection. 
Double Dare: April Fools For Love
When the Lights Go Out: April Fools For Love
Biting Serendipity: April Fools For Love (Biting Love Short Bites Book 4)
Fringe Benefits

From the moment Graham Barlow and Matt Spencer moved into the bungalow across from hers, Dani Tipton’s willpower has been strung to its limit. Ignoring the hot and heavy fantasies the two hunks inspire on a daily basis is more than any woman’s libido can take. Although temptation beckons, Dani’s determined to be a good role model for her wild, trouble-prone younger sister. Jumping in the sack with either of her sexier-than-sin neighbors sure as hell wouldn’t help her case. But when her sister sets up the ultimate April Fools’ prank, Dani suddenly winds up neck-deep in a compromising position. Literally.

For the last eighteen months, Graham and Matt have been carrying a major case of blue balls for Dani. No matter how hard they flirt or lay on the charm, she’s kept them strictly in the friend’s zone. So when they discover her buck naked in their swimming pool they figure they’re either hallucinating—or have been handed their one shot at rocking Dani’s panties off. Not too difficult to do, seeing how she’s not wearing any. Convincing her to indulge in a little frisky threesome skinny dipping? Easy enough. And the sexy interlude that follows is hot enough to boil the pool water. But when it comes to making their unconventional triad permanent, Matt and Graham issue Dani the biggest dare of all—entrusting them with her heart.

Warning: This M/F/M ménage brings new meaning to getting to know your neighbor. Lusty pool shenanigans and creative uses for hot tub jets. No bathing suit required, but bring an extra towel. Things are bound to get wet. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Roxy's Must-Haves When Navigating the Internet

I am convinced that there is a chemical present in my brain powered exclusively on shit I can't unsee.

It's a scary chemical. And unfortunately it's like an addict. If you tell me you've found the nastiest, dirtiest, most fucked up thing that ever was a thing...well just freaking send it to me. Because my brain has to have its fix.

Sorry Jodi and Kellie...I ate the bacon.
That's why I surround myself with friends who share my love of internet insanity.

I won't show you what I found last time...seriously...I don't want you to have to see it. Just know that I saw it for you, and you don't have to sit in a corner rocking while sucking your thumb and you should thank me.

You're welcome. I'll accept your gratitude in gifts of bacon and brownies.

So...without further are my must-haves for navigating the interwebs.

1. WINE. Or beer. Whenever I have to take a trek down a strange and sometimes disturbing internet trail (And by "have to" I mean someone told me not to Google something) I have a glass of wine by my side to soothe me just in case I go running off the edge of the internet and fall off.

2. A POOR SAP. I have a few friends who know and appreciate the same weird crap I do. I know exactly who to send these things to. I also know who will be really disturbed by the same thing. Sometimes I send it to the second group.

3. AN OPEN MIND Some of the best conversations I have had came from seeing something I never knew existed and asking why. Just because something isn't my kink, doesn't mean it's not someone else's. I've learned to see beauty in so much in so many more mediums...and friends in so many different faces, because instead of saying no, I now observe and learn.

4. A FAVORITE HAPPY BOOK There is a reason I chose to write with humor and snark in my stories. Of course a writer's voice has a mind of its own, and I don't think I could write without a foul fucking mouth if I tried. But more than that, I find escape in books that lighten my heart. So I keep a few favorites near the top of my kindle list. There are authors who I count on to bring me back after I stumble don't even know how to describe that last one I saw.

So those are my must haves for a happy internet surf. Enjoy that cat video...Just beware if I tell you to type "pussy crown" into Google images with the safe search off. ;)

Hopefully someday...I get to be someone's #4.

Happy surfing!


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Monday, April 6, 2015


Everyone loves a good party. Even introverts like me because, well, cake.
photo credit: P1010047 via photopin (license)

So I'm terribly excited about the big multi-author Facebook bash coming April 9.

Celebrating the April Fools For Love stories from the Lusty Linguists--in case you missed them, they're detailed here--we're having authors all day, each with a game or chat and prize (some with plural prizes!!) to give away.

Many games are being left open until the next day, so
so stop by often and chat with us.

Glorious guests include....

Terri Meeker
Lauren Smith
Amie Stuart
Selena Illyria
Clancy Nacht
Eden Bradley
Melissa Blue
Becky McGraw
Kayleigh Malcolm
Angela Dennis

Excited now too? Here's the link:

photo credit: P1010049 via photopin (license)
Join now, while you still can :)