Monday, December 21, 2015

When you can't remember what day it is....

So. Apparently it is Monday. Or...if you're one of my friends on the other side of the's probably Tuesday. *waves to folks in the future*

I've been trying to juggle all the things I said I could do in the middle of the year, with the amount of actual time I have. 

Here's where reality shows what a bitch it is. 

Things I said I would do this month...

1. Have all my shopping done ahead of time. 

2. Finish edits for a new contemporary series.

3. Have a draft ready to go for April Fools For Love 2016

4. Get 20k into a new story.

5. Give myself time to crochet a new scarf as a present to myself.

Here's how all of that went....

1. I am the Oprah of gift giving. "You get a gift card! And you get a gift card! EVERYONE GETS A GIFT CAAAARRRRRDDD!"

2. If I get the edits done without asking for a second extension, does that count?

I am having nightmares about "Simultaneous Action" notes.
3. I'm close....ish.


5. I bought yarn...

This time of year we all seem to be running around like crazy people.

Well all of us except those few who have time to hand make holiday cards and send them out on the first of December.

Dear people like this, just so you know...we are all jealous of your organization and preparedness. And we all hate you a little.

So do you have a ton of things to do this week too? Or is it just me out here floundering in the abyss of xmas unpreparedness?

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  1. You did crochet me a scarf so I think that should count :)
    I'm totally unprepared and don't have a fraction done that I wanted too. My day job has sucked most of my energy this month so my goal of having three books ready to sent to my publishers aren't even close....well they are close and if I was left on a desert island for a week I might make it. LOL

    1. Yeah. I had this whole organized chart set up that told me how much I needed to write every day/week/month to get all the books done I wanted to. I should know better. I really should know better by now. LOL.

      Next year. I'm going to be ready. Maybe? ;)