Monday, October 26, 2015

S.L. Carpenter's Big Book of Lust!

S.L. Carpenter has a BIG release coming out in just a few days.

He's giving out all the details on his FB page. So make sure you click HERE and like the page to get all the upcoming details.

With everyone going out to Trick-or-Treat this Halloween, why not treat yourself to a new book?

It's even calorie free!

Pre-Order is live now, and for only 99¢ you can make sure you have something BIG waiting for you on Halloween night.


**Warning: May cause uncontrollable laughter and inappropriate erotic thoughts. You’re welcome.** 

Fifty short stories from the twisted imagination of S.L. Carpenter. They won’t blow your mind…they will buy it a drink, take it to dinner, argue like crazy with it and then take it home and have fabulous make-up sex with it. 

S.L. Carpenter’s take on life, love and—yes—lust, will surprise, amuse, shock and arouse you. It is a literary ride to equal all rollercoasters you’ve ever ridden put together. Inhibitions are forbidden, tongues may be placed firmly in cheeks (your own or someone else’s) and good taste should be sent off for a nap. It’s a life-changer. Are you brave enough to change yours? 


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