Monday, October 5, 2015

I Can See!! One Author's Revealing Expose

I've been putting off glasses most of my life. I already have skin like a pizza and a nose broken enough times to quirk like an accordion. The last thing I thought I needed was a pair of cranky windows on my face.

Yet time catches up with us all. I got my first pair of prescription glasses last week, and I have to say, I was shocked.

I think I look pretty good :)

Granted, my standards have changed over the years, from "Am I pretty" to "Will people take me seriously" to "Will I have to put on pants". (Hey Roxy, how far does that Kroger's deliver...?)

This is without makeup, folks. And have I mentioned the pepperoni skin?

But all you see is the glasses!! They're so honking big nothing else shows but teeth, and those are actually pretty good thanks to my sadistic dentist in childhood (no invisilines in those days, my braces were barbed wire. Literally wire, those suckers developed character, I tell you).

Really, why didn't I get these glasses sooner? Vanity, thy name is, um, vanity. Bonus, I can actually see individual cars coming at me on the freeway. It's a murk-i-cal!

So if you're waiting to take the face-window plunge, here's one author who says go for it!!

Addendum: Thanks everyone for your support! Here's a little thanks :)


  1. They look cute! Plus, a big, friendly smile! My general look is usually 'funeral director.' I think the glasses make you look smart and the smile says 'hi!" You get bonus points for going without makeup!

    1. Thanks, Terri! You're too funny. You look great in yours! I might have subconsciously been going for your look, lol.

      New slogan: Smart and Sassy in Specs :)

  2. Here's one I found on Facebook from a new friend: