Monday, August 24, 2015

The Cookie Monster

Now anyone that knows me understands I am addicted to a few things.
Cookies are one of them, the other is, ummmm, errrr, and well you know.
I like all types of cookies and with a glass of milk I’m in heaven.
Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and so many others cause me to be a blissful, drooling mess.
I do have one indulgence I always enjoy and eating a few Oreo’s before going to dentist is always fun. Doing it the evening before is even funnier, except for the wifey staying a good 2 feet away and saying, “Don’t breathe on me”.
Yes, Oreo’s, milk and a baseball game are always a good Saturday, (or cartoons, hey, I am a big kid at heart and still like the Rugrats).
But I found some extremely disturbing things as I wandered around the grocery store. At first I held back gagging, then blinked a few times thinking it was a bad dream. Looking again I saw, in horror, various sick flavors of Oreo’s. There are a bunch posted here but I was a little sickened thinking of Watermelon Oreo’s, or fruity flavored ones.
I mean it was sacrilege when they made “thin” Oreo’s. Really???? What genius thought of this? That’s right, the same idiot that made sugarless ice cream, YUCK.
I know some people aren’t as crazed about cookies as I am. But what would you do if they filled your favorite chocolate with spam?
Change is good, it shows vision. There are some things that you shouldn’t mess with.
Doing cover versions of classic songs, remaking classic movies and screwing with classic cookies.
Stepping off my soapbox now. Have a great day everyone. I’m going to go drown my sorrows in a tall glass of 2% milk and a dozen double stuffed original Oreo cookies.

Would you be willing to try some of these?


Tell us what dessert you wouldn't want messed with.

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  1. I thought thin Oreos was one of the less inspired creations, lol. Probably I'd wonder about carrot cake with anything but cream cheese frosting. Shuddered at the bacon cream Oreos :)