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Hottest Hero: Lust With a Laugh Play-At-Home Edition Round 2

All of us at Lust With a Laugh are having a blast watching the votes roll in for the Hottest Hero over at All Romance. We're rooting for our friends, and casting our own votes too.

And just like the, we're posting how our heroes got their first kiss with their heroine.

Tell us who you think is the champion of the lip lock.


Sophia, looking for her missing aunt, seeks alpha wolf Noah at beta Mason’s garage.

Any words forming in her brain never made it to her mouth as his lips claimed hers.

Male. Exciting. He dazzled all her senses, the scent of crisp cotton and fresh outdoors, the taste of dark and wild magic. His lips caressed her, soft and sweet, while the spear of his tongue blazed. Her sighs were underscored by his pleased growls.

Awash in him, her heart thudded and her blood sang. Bursts of pleasure sparkled like firecrackers. She lifted on her toes for more.

His kiss slanted and deepened, the wild taking of the wolf but also the mastery of the man, one who knew how to give a woman what she wanted. Her mouth opened and his tongue plunged. His fingers threaded in her hair to pull her closer. Their bodies melded like two candles dripping hot wax.

Mason cleared his throat.

Noah stiffened. Lifted his head with a soft sigh.

Without the liquid caress of his hot, expert mouth, Sophia’s sanity returned. What had she done? Witch and shifter…no, not, never. She gathered enough tattered willpower to step out of his arms.

“I’m sorry…” Her voice was breathy. Damn singing hormones. She tried again. “I’m sorry that happened.”

He stepped back too. “Why?” He crossed his arms, his biceps and pecs bulging. “I’m not.”
She swallowed her tongue, totally forgetting why she should be sorry. Oh yeah, shifter/witch taboo—but he wouldn’t know she was a witch. And even if he did, he wouldn’t care. Most shifters pretended the Witches’ Council didn’t exist.

“Hey,” Mason said. “I didn’t want you two to stop. I just wanted to let you know that if you’re going to get friendly—” Mason’s grin was so big Sophia wanted to punch him, “—I’m heading out now. There’s a couch in the office. Lock up when you’re done.” He lumbered off.

“Stars,” she said. “What was that all about?”

“He’s encouraging me to find a wife.” Noah grimaced.

Noah wasn’t mated. Yes. No. None of her business.

But poor Noah. He had his own Aunt Linda, nagging for the pitter-patter of little paws. Although with the confident way he stood there, bigger and badder than anything, it was hard to feel too sorry.
Noah thrust his hands in his pockets. It framed all that was glorious. “I should go too.”

“Wait. I wanted to talk with you.”


“Why? Um, well, the reason I wanted to talk with you is…” What had she wanted to ask? Are you dating? What’s your phone number? What size condom do you wear? She rubbed her eyes. “My aunt. Linda.” She dropped her hand and met his silver gaze. “I think you were the last person to see her. Do you know where she went?”

“I’m sorry, no. She left the bookstore when I did, but she didn’t share her plans with me.”

Disappointment gnawed Sophia’s gut. “Can you at least tell me if she was okay?”

“Yes.” His response was immediate and reassuring. “Don’t worry about your aunt. She was fine. A little flustered, but fine.”

He’d seen her worry and didn’t hesitate to comfort her. He must be a very good alpha.

“I’m relieved to hear it. What about that boy my aunt called you in for? Was he still in the store at that point?”

“Marlowe? The boy is my responsibility. I can assure you he will be punished and your aunt reimbursed. In fact, if you want to get repairs going, I’ll personally vouch for the funds.”

“Thank you.” All that muscle, and responsible too. Some little she-wolf was going to be very lucky someday. “But that’s not what I meant. I’d like to talk with him. Do you know where he lives?”
Something shuttered in Noah’s gaze. “The boy left before I did. He knows nothing.” The reply had “back off” stamped all over it.

As if that would stop her. She gave a mental shrug. She’d have to get the boy’s address another way. 

“I’d better get back to the bookstore. If you think of anything, come see me, okay? The sign will be Closed, but I’ll be there.”

“You and me. Alone.” His molten gaze ran over her, chasing a shiver from her head to her toes and back again, lingering on her lips so long she had to work not to lick them. Finally he said, “Let me get this straight. You want me, a stranger, to come to the bookstore, where we’ll be alone—after what just happened between us?”

Put like that, reinforced by his hot all-over gaze, it sounded like an invitation to ravish her. “Uh…yes?”

He shook his head, more disbelief than a no. “You’re temptation on a stick. I’m not quite that masochistic.”

“Me? Have you been chewing Viagra?” She considered herself, banker chic in navy-blue pants suit, pumps and pearls. “I’m no cover model.”

“I’ve never cared for eau de airbrush. Believe me, your real beauty is far more alluring.” His eyes fired white-hot on her, a beastly hunger that was pure wolf.

That look promised instant ravaging. Hot, hard, animal sex.

She swallowed all the way to where she was wet. She wasn’t completely certain she’d stop him.

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“Are you really going out with Paisley to get laid tonight?” He asked me with his hands on his hips. His manner was very confrontational.

“That does not answer my question about the food.”

“I want an answer to my question first.” He folded his arms over his chest. His forearms flexed and I admired the musculature under his skin. I wondered if any of his arms were mechanics.

“I was planning on dancing more. I was not planning on lying down.”

He exhaled and dropped his arms. “Then yes, I would love a sandwich.”

I prepared him a sandwich and removed some of the fennel salad to put on his plate as well. I waited for him to make noises of contentment around his meal before I continued the conversation. “I will, however, have sex should the opportunity arise. I find myself anticipating the opportunity to have another orgasm.”

Quinn began choking. He had inhaled his sandwich. That was no way to process nutrients. I walked behind him and slapped him on the back to break up any large particles in his airway. He sputtered and made noises, but drank the water I put in front of him and seemed to recover nicely.

I would have given him the Heimlich maneuver, but I found myself wanting to touch him in other places and it would not have been easy to keep my hands in the proper position.

“Coral, you can’t go pick up men and have sex with them.”

“I will do my best to give them an orgasm as well. I want to make sure the experience is satisfactory for all parties involved.” I went back to the dishes. Quinn should have been satisfied now that I had explained I would not be seeking only my pleasure.

He wasn’t.

“That’s not what I am getting at.” He got up and stood right behind me. My skin felt warmer even without him touching me. Was there some kind of strange reaction that our systems had with each other?

I pulled the drain as I set the last clean dish in the drying rack and turned towards the man behind me. I was going to explain that this was not negotiable. I was going to explain that just because I was mechanics didn’t mean I couldn’t give and receive this kind of pleasure.

I had all of the words in queue to be processed through my vocal chords. Then Quinn gripped me by my upper arms and leaned in to kiss me. His lips pressed against mine. His body pushed mine up against the sink behind us.

I’d never been more uncomfortable in my maid’s uniform. I wanted all of it off. Quinn couldn’t touch my pussy with my stockings and underwear on. He needed to touch my pussy. I felt myself getting wet at the thought of him touching me like he did last night. I pressed my hips against his. That’s when I knew there were mechanics in both his arms, because he held me tight.

His tongue slipped against my lips. I opened my mouth to ask him why he was licking me on my face when he could have been licking my pussy again. Instead of my argument my tongue was busy wrapping and sliding around Quinn’s. This felt good too.

I lifted my hands to his chest and gripped his shirt to pull him closer. When he realized I was not going to push him away he released my arms and wrapped his strong limbs around me. One hand rose to grip the French twist in my hair and move my head where he wanted while he kissed me. The other hand went lower and gripped my ass. He pressed my body harder against his. I liked that.

His erection pressed against my stomach and I wanted to have sex even more. If my pleasure receptors were firing off this much data at the touch of his penis on my belly… through all these layers of clothes…I wanted to have sex. Immediately.

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"You have to let them know you're the one in charge."

It took several beats for him to realize she was talking about child rearing and not something else. Though considering the tantalizing placement of her hand, she definitely coulda been referrin' to something else. He slid his palm to her nape and followed the delicate arch of her neck. "And what's the best means of doin' that?"

"For starters, Hunter shouldn't be playing unsupervised over there."

He reversed course and slid his fingers through Zoe's silky fine hair and tugged slightly. She shivered, a soft breath catching in her throat.

"Hunter, get up here where we can see you," he called without removing his gaze from Zoe's.


"Good boy." Dylan wrapped Zoe's hair around his fist and coaxed her closer.

A gasp broke from her. "I can't -"

He stopped the remainder of her words with his mouth.

Four years of aching for her went into his kiss. He wished he could say some finesse went in there too, but likely not. Judging from the hungry way she sucked at his tongue, she wasn't complaining.

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