Tuesday, August 4, 2015

All Romance's Hottest Hero Contest: Play at Home Edition!

All Romance is holding a HOTTEST HERO contest! It's a fun time of authors battling it out with sexy heroes. Is there any better way to battle? Well...maybe if we got pictures. ;)

I'm up for hottest #ROBOSEX hero with Quinn from my novella Coral-600. Click HERE and scroll to Pair #10 if you want to give my robobabe some love.

Hero Name: Quinn

Hero's Profession: Retired War Hero

Physical Description: 
His triple blink and the slight click of his biometal skeleton modifications are the only giveaways that Quinn is more than human. Broad shoulders, dark hair, and the need to ingest lubricating cocktails gives him just the right amount of stunning to attract members of the robotic persuasion.

Special Skills Hero May Have:
Bringing CPU-Frying Orgasms to the masses. And stun gun fingers.

Quinn walked up to me and took my hands. “Coral, I didn’t mean what I said at the club like you think I did. I know you are not a pleasure bot. I was trying to tell myself it wasn’t right to want you like I do. I shouldn’t want to touch you as much as I do, and keeping my hands to myself is not easy when you feel so good beneath my fingers.”

Then my skin wasn’t quite as unresponsive to him. “I am not that different from you. One organ does not make up a person.”

“Can we not talk about my genitals?”

“I meant your brain.”

Quinn looked back to the ceiling for a moment. “Sometimes for men it’s pretty much the same thing.”

“Your brain is in your genitals?”

Quinn let go of my hands and grabbed my face. The sensors didn’t care that I was upset with his assumptions and comments. My data collection seemed to go off the charts when he was near and my systems just shut down. I couldn’t gather any more input than his touch on my skin. I didn’t want to. There were a lot of things we should discuss, but Quinn didn’t want to talk about that until morning, and when his thumb brushed over my lower lip, all I wanted was his kiss.

Sounds hot, right? Show Quinn a little love by clicking the VOTE button over at All Romance.


Now for the fun part. Jodi and Mary are playing along too! Read about their heroes and tell us below who among the three of us would win your vote!

Hero: Dylan Walker

Hero's Profession: Bass guitarist for Truckstop Pickup

Physical Description: 
6'2", dark blond hair, and knows how to fill out a pair of Wranglers.

Special Skills Hero May Have:
Can disintegrate a woman's panties with his stare alone.

“There are plenty of extra rooms in the house.” He couldn’t resist teasing her with his best smoky stare. “Then again, mine does have the comfiest bed, Goldilocks.”

Intrigued? You can get your hands on this hero by buying a copy of his story HERE.


Hero: Noah Blackwood

Hero's profession: Alpha

Physical Description: 

A bass voice that thrums from the dark depths, masculine, vibrating with power that plucks a long string of deep, throbbing need in Sophia. Crane-her-neck tall. A smooth prowl, all muscular grace, extraordinary strength and endurance. A fall of black hair over a high, regal brow. He’s total alpha—powerful, deadly and sexy as hell.
Special Skills Hero May Have
Power shows in the eyes. Noah has power, and to spare, showing in irises of pure silver around pupils which open to his mate like velvety black pools. 

“I’ve never cared for eau de airbrush. Believe me, your real beauty is far more alluring.”

Hungry for an Alpha? Pick up Noah's story HERE!

We are having fun playing with the All Romance competitors. We'll be back next week to do it all over again. Tell us in the comments who you think is the hottest hero at Lust With a Laugh.

Stay tuned for more hot hero action next week and don't forget to head over to ARe and vote.

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