Monday, June 29, 2015

What Did You Think I Was Talking About?

With all the news about Gay Rights, Confederate flags, causing such an uproar and all the negative things that have been happening, I was thinking of something positive to talk about.
There has been a lot of news lately that has caused a bunch of peoples opinions to be brought to the forefront. It’s always natural for people to have strong feelings about issues that affect them. Sometimes they have strong opinions on things that don’t.
I won’t talk politics here because I don’t push my own feelings. For me, I was happy for the SCOTUS Ruling on Gay Marriage because of my brother. He would have loved being able to marry the man he spent the majority of his life with.

So I decided to write about something I like...A LOT.
Pussy….I want to write about pussy.
They are so cute and fun to play with.
I look at pictures of pussy all the time. My wife doesn’t always get it but there is nothing as cute as a little pussy all sweet and ready to be cuddled and pet. She says I spend more time looking at pictures of it then playing with them.
Hey, I’m a visual thinker and looking at the pictures reminds me of how much I like the real ones. I’m a guy, we are visual beasts. It’s why we watch THOSE movies.
What is funny about pussies is there are a million toys out there that they make to keep them satisfied and occupied. For me it’s always just easier to use my hands to play with them. 
I’ve always had at least one at my house…

Wait a second…

You know I’m talking about pussy cats right?
Figured I’d make fun of a common innuendo most people talk about every day.

If all you little vixens can post pics of beefcake and muscular guys and drool, I can talk about pussy-pics. They are so adorable. Those that know me see me posting pictures of pussy on Face-book all the time.
Hope everyone is having a nice summer.
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