Monday, June 22, 2015

The Things Authors Talk About....UPDATED!

(UPDATED Link for ATOMIC WORDS at the end of this post.)

What do you sit up at night and chat with your friends about? Sometimes it's a convo over a beer, sometimes it's a Skype chat, and sometimes it's a tweet or instant message, but we all have those people that keep us up way past our bedtime.

When I started interacting with other readers around the world, I found out I live in the wrong city, because most of the people I want to chat with most live in other parts of the state, country, and

I like to refer to myself as a introvert with extrovert spasms. At the end of the day, I'd probably rather be sitting at home in comfy clothes drinking a beer and reading a great book than any other activity on the planet.

Social Media to the RESCUE!

Social media allows me to chat and still have the time to carefully plot out what I say. (We won't talk about how many times I delete. Unless I've had margaritas...)

But recently I agreed to do a podcast. Why? Because when I was first getting to know this weird world of authorland I found a podcast of one of my favorite authors and was fascinated. That was what her voice actually sounded like? She really is hilarious in person? You can say "cock" on a podcast?

So I took the plunge and had a blast. But it got me thinking. I probably should have been a bit more prepared. In the interest of fair warning are the top 3 things to expect if you hear me in an interview or meet me in person.

1. I will cuss.  If this bothers you, I want to give you plenty of time to gird your loins. I try to behave in public instances, but if I like you...I'm probably going to drop at least one profanity in your presence. It's a sign of affection. And an inability to control my excitement. Feel flattered.

2. I will bring up Bacon, Chocolate, Beer, and Sasquatch. Either individually or a combination. (Now I'm thinking about chocolate covered Sasquatch...) For some reason the topics tend to turn in these directions. I've got a Sasquatch story idea I'm playing with right now. This part may pass and be turned around to the next obsession. I make no promises.

3. I will passionately talk about books. Reading them, writing them, or industry talk in general. I found a home in the erotic romance community. I love this genre, and it is such a welcoming beautiful place. So get me started on that and things go astray.

I'll be a guest on Karen Greco's Podcast called Atomic Words. I'll be giving out the info when it goes live. We talked for nearly two hours. The poor woman has a lot of editing to do. LOL! In the meantime...check out my CP's interview about her crazy awesome world, in episode 4.

If you had to warn people about yourself, what would you have them brace for?

UPDATE: My Podcast with Karen is live. Listen to it on her website HERE. Or look for it on iTunes.


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