Monday, June 8, 2015

My Week In Review: Featuring Cameos by Ninjas, Hamsters, Man Titty, and The Hoff

As you might have gathered from my previous posts, I tend to be a wee bit obsessed with music. And strippers. And flounder paddles. I have yet to find all three of those combined in one video on Youtube. *side note: Get your shit together, Youtube. Clearly you’re lacking in this department.* But anywho, I thought I’d recap my random observations this week with the appropriate music videos. Because ya know, I live to terrify you with my random observations and David Hasselhoff singing and doing the splits.

Kung Fury
Without question my biggest highlight this week was having Pinterest recommend the theme song from Kung Fury to me. Because obviously Pinterest GETS ME. *side note: Get your shit together, Youtube. Clearly you’re lacking in this department too. Occasionally throwing me a bone with drag queen performance clips will keep you in my affections only so long* But I digress. When I heard that Kung Fury had gotten the green light, well, I might have squeed myself a little bit. I’ve been a huge fan since they first launched the Kickstarter for it. To find out more about the epic gem click here. In the meantime, bask in the glory of David Hasselhoff and lazer dinos.
My Ninja Theme Song
I can never watch ninja movies/ music videos without my mind drifting to what my own ninja theme song should be. Because ya know, why go for the covert ninja attack when you can choreograph it with cannon blasts, oiled strippers repelling from the rafters (for distractive purposes), and rocket-propelled rabid hamsters. Not that I’ve put a lot of thought into this or anything...
I can't imbed this video, so here's the handy dandy link if you want to check out my snazzy ninja theme song:
Man Titty
Me and one of my writer buds, Amie Stuart, were looking through the stock photo sites for an upcoming project we’re working on. We both lamented the sad lack of great man titty images. *side note: get your shit together, stock image sites. We need more awesome man titty and less skeevy/potential serial killers. TYVM.* I tried to find a titty ditty that featured the male variety, but sadly that was lacking too. *side note: Youtube, get your shit together. What are you, in cahoots with stock image sites? Damn you both to hell for your blatant disregard of titty equality.* In the meantime, here’s the NOT MALE BOOB SONG.

New Cover Hawtness
Speaking of covers, the fabulicious Kelly Rubidoux, AKA Kelly Apple, just put the finishing touches on the cover for Frisky Business—the upcoming 3rd book in my Perfect Chemistry world. You can check out the cover and soundtrack inspiration over on Pinterest.  I’m just starting to put that board together, but if you’ve been following the slowly evolving sparky love/hate relationship between Jane and Jack, I think you’ll agree this song pretty much sums them up to a T.
Can't imbed this one either, but you can find it here:
Full disclosure here, there’s pretty much NOT a week that I don’t think about lumberjacks. I mean, usually they’re hot, bearded, look good in flannel, and make inappropriate innuendos about hardwood. *side note: I don’t really know if the wood innuendo part is true, but if I was a lumberjack I wouldn’t let that shit pass me by, so I assume it’s true.* This song is actually going on a book soundtrack as the theme song for an upcoming hero of mine. Naturally, he’ll drop dirty innuendos like an eager beaver going to town on some hardwood.
Annnnnnd of course I picked another video I can't imbed. Check it out here:

So there you have it! My musical recap of my week. What song best describes a moment from your life?

Oh! I’d be remiss if I didn’t do a little pimping of my latest release, Dylan. It’s part of The Sons of Dusty Walker—a series I co-wrote with Sable Hunter, Desiree Holt, and Randi Alexander. You can find our entire series on Amazon: You can also check out my book soundtrack on Pinterest.

Secrets and lies—the legacy of Dylan Walker’s existence. Ashamed of his status as a bastard son, Dylan found solace and a sense of identity as the lead bass guitarist for Truckstop Pickup. But with one phone call, his world is shaken to its core. Summoned to Kansas after the death of his father, Dylan discovers he has three brothers he knew nothing about. Reeling from that earth-shattering revelation, he figures life can’t throw him a bigger curveball. Until fate puts him face-to-face with the woman his heart refuses to forget...and her little boy. Who just happens to bear a striking resemblance to Dylan.

Never love a musician. That’s always been Zoe Chapman’s number one motto. Daughter of a legendary country star, she knew that truth better than anyone. Then she’d met Dylan. He’d stripped her of her defenses, and she’d fallen. Hard. Now he’s back in her world. A living, breathing, too-sinful-for-words personification of everything she’s ever wanted. And can never have. Only Dylan is dead set on becoming a permanent fixture in their son's life. Determined to make her part of the package deal, he works at breaking down her walls again, and her resistance is slipping faster than her panties.

But there’s another secret Zoe’s hiding. And it could end up pushing Dylan away from her forever.

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