Monday, April 13, 2015

Roxy's Must-Haves When Navigating the Internet

I am convinced that there is a chemical present in my brain powered exclusively on shit I can't unsee.

It's a scary chemical. And unfortunately it's like an addict. If you tell me you've found the nastiest, dirtiest, most fucked up thing that ever was a thing...well just freaking send it to me. Because my brain has to have its fix.

Sorry Jodi and Kellie...I ate the bacon.
That's why I surround myself with friends who share my love of internet insanity.

I won't show you what I found last time...seriously...I don't want you to have to see it. Just know that I saw it for you, and you don't have to sit in a corner rocking while sucking your thumb and you should thank me.

You're welcome. I'll accept your gratitude in gifts of bacon and brownies.

So...without further are my must-haves for navigating the interwebs.

1. WINE. Or beer. Whenever I have to take a trek down a strange and sometimes disturbing internet trail (And by "have to" I mean someone told me not to Google something) I have a glass of wine by my side to soothe me just in case I go running off the edge of the internet and fall off.

2. A POOR SAP. I have a few friends who know and appreciate the same weird crap I do. I know exactly who to send these things to. I also know who will be really disturbed by the same thing. Sometimes I send it to the second group.

3. AN OPEN MIND Some of the best conversations I have had came from seeing something I never knew existed and asking why. Just because something isn't my kink, doesn't mean it's not someone else's. I've learned to see beauty in so much in so many more mediums...and friends in so many different faces, because instead of saying no, I now observe and learn.

4. A FAVORITE HAPPY BOOK There is a reason I chose to write with humor and snark in my stories. Of course a writer's voice has a mind of its own, and I don't think I could write without a foul fucking mouth if I tried. But more than that, I find escape in books that lighten my heart. So I keep a few favorites near the top of my kindle list. There are authors who I count on to bring me back after I stumble don't even know how to describe that last one I saw.

So those are my must haves for a happy internet surf. Enjoy that cat video...Just beware if I tell you to type "pussy crown" into Google images with the safe search off. ;)

Hopefully someday...I get to be someone's #4.

Happy surfing!


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