Monday, April 6, 2015


Everyone loves a good party. Even introverts like me because, well, cake.
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So I'm terribly excited about the big multi-author Facebook bash coming April 9.

Celebrating the April Fools For Love stories from the Lusty Linguists--in case you missed them, they're detailed here--we're having authors all day, each with a game or chat and prize (some with plural prizes!!) to give away.

Many games are being left open until the next day, so
so stop by often and chat with us.

Glorious guests include....

Terri Meeker
Lauren Smith
Amie Stuart
Selena Illyria
Clancy Nacht
Eden Bradley
Melissa Blue
Becky McGraw
Kayleigh Malcolm
Angela Dennis

Excited now too? Here's the link:

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Join now, while you still can :)

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