Monday, April 27, 2015

Do You Have to Drink Coffee to be an Author?

Do you have to drink coffee to be an author? Of course not. Not...technically. But I will say, whenever we all congregate for a conference, one of the most vitally important questions asked is, "Where's the closest coffee shop?"
There are a few awesome women who actually bring their coffee makers with them to the con. Befriend these women. Just try not to bunk with them, because they probably have quite a few of us knocking on their door looking like a junkie waiting for a hit.

I started drinking coffee heavily when I was working overnights at a restaurant. When it's 4am and you're third shift crew has called off and you realize you're stuck there until at least 8am after working ten hours learn there is something to this dark and devious brew.
There's a beauty to being so hopped up on caffeine that you learn to appreciate the intricacies of the late night commercials, and even begin to discuss them with the other members of your staff who can't come down either.

I started to spend a lot of my late nights typing away on the computer. Granted...not all the ideas were my best, but sometimes I came up with something other people actually wanted to read. That's when I started drinking a bit of coffee to get some traction in my brain after a 12 hour shift. (Like the one I did last night)

There are days when I don't get my usual three cup minimum in....

But then there are days when someone says..."Anyone want to meet up at Panera? Where they have free coffee this month?" keeps me, and a LOT of other authors, going. It gives us the ability to turn caffeine into stories.

People look at me a bit crazy sometimes when I talk about my next story line, but I'm going to keep writing it. Making myself laugh, or turn on the A/C when my characters build up their chemistry, tells me at least one other person out there is doing the same. That's what makes me smile and keep going. you drink coffee? Or tea? Or are you one of those miracle people who exist without caffeinated beverages?

I'm a bit scared of you...


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