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April Fools For Love...Where Pranks Make You Pant!


A long time ago the Lusty Linguists decided we needed to do something fun together.

After we got endlessly distracted by searching for the strangest possible things on Google (squirrel!), we decided we needed to tell some stories about April Fools' Day.

We all write with humor and knew that we would have a blast promoting together. We were right. And after endless random conversations we finally closed Google and got to work.

Coming April 1st....

We're bringing you pranks to make you pant.

From Mary Hughes...
Best April Fools joke ever—falling in love.

Part of the April Fools For Love collection
Biting Love Short Bites, Book 4

Serendipity “Sera” Braun wears glasses and a bun to teach during the day, but at night, she adds a breast-plumping vest and dirndl for her job hoisting beer steins at Nieman’s. The big, leather-vest-and-earringed Viking bouncer? He’s bedsheets waiting to get sweaty, but all he does is scowl at her. She’s trying to keep her geriatric stripper of a granny from breaking a hip, but it’s hard when she keeps getting distracted by that sexy, smoky baritone.

Thorvald Thorsson is bitingly lonely—every vampire around him is mating. But his ex-fiancée rejected him as a killjoy, so it’s high time Fun Thor comes out to play. No way he’d pair up with the cute but too-serious little schoolmarm who waits tables at the bar.

Sera bridles the wicked, delicious things she’d like to do with the muscular Viking, suppressing herself until she’s a volcano about to blow. Then they are thrown together in a prank war, and all his potent masculinity is focused on her. He makes her burn to let loose, but how can she and still be responsible for Granny and set a good example?

Warning: A terribly lonely vampire, a conflicted schoolmarm with a caged wild side, nosy roommates and the female version of a bromance, not to mention scorching sex, a whole town full of busybodies—and the best April Fools joke ever.


From Roxy Mews...

Named after the date of her conception, April Prime was used to hiding away and avoiding the world on April Fools’ Day. Or at the very least, avoiding her parents who tended to celebrate the holiday very differently from the rest of the world.

This year would be different. This year she closed on a home, and was taking control of her life. A few hiccups had her headed to an office supply store in search of moving supplies. Crashing through a bathroom door, she stumbled on a bit more than she expected when mister tall, dark, and indisposed was already using the facilities.

Taylor James was stuck being the brunt of yet another round of April Fools’ pranks. One of them being a change of the bathroom door signs. He went to work knowing he’d have to navigate a mine field. What he didn’t expect was a woman bursting in on him only to send his head spinning.

Despite the scenery, April is ready to make a red-faced retreat. That’s when a car crash knocks out the power to everything inside the store, including the electronic locks.

By the glow of the emergency flood light the two realize they may be stuck for a long while. April and Taylor could wait out the inconvenience in silence, or they could capture a moment together, and just maybe find something special when the lights go out.

Warning: Sex in the dark may lead to orgasms and head injury. 


From Jodi Redford...

Double Dare

Part of the April Fools For Love collection

From the moment Graham Barlow and Matt Spencer moved into the bungalow across from hers, Dani Tipton’s willpower has been strung to its limit. Ignoring the hot and heavy fantasies the two hunks inspire on a daily basis is more than any woman’s libido can take. Although temptation beckons, Dani’s determined to be a good role model for her wild, trouble-prone younger sister. Jumping in the sack with either of her sexier-than-sin neighbors sure as hell wouldn’t help her case. But when her sister sets up the ultimate April Fools’ prank, Dani suddenly winds up neck-deep in a compromising position. Literally.

For the last eighteen months, Graham and Matt have been carrying a major case of blue balls for Dani. No matter how hard they flirt or lay on the charm, she’s kept them strictly in the friend’s zone. So when they discover her buck naked in their swimming pool they figure they’re either hallucinating—or have been handed their one shot at rocking Dani’s panties off. Not too difficult to do, seeing how she’s not wearing any. Convincing her to indulge in a little frisky threesome skinny dipping? Easy enough. And the sexy interlude that follows is hot enough to boil the pool water. But when it comes to making their unconventional triad permanent, Matt and Graham issue Dani the biggest dare of all—entrusting them with her heart.

Warning: This M/F/M ménage brings new meaning to getting to know your neighbor. Lusty pool shenanigans and creative uses for hot tub jets. No bathing suit required, but bring an extra towel. Things are bound to get wet.

Negotiating fringe benefits can be a lot of fun…

Business meetings can be hell, and business trips even worse, especially when one employees lusts after another. Linda wants nothing to do with her overly aggressive boss whose idea of sensitivity training involves porn and a rubber chicken.

Fortunately she’s got a good buddy along, and together she and Stacy manage to thwart those devious plans. Stacy finds her own fun and Linda stumbles over the most gorgeous man sleeping off what looks like an afternoon of sun and beer. And boy, he’s “loaded” in the best sense of the word.

Before she knows it, Linda becomes sex-crazed over Richard. Between wine, skinny-dipping and nights of incredibly imaginative bliss, the two of them explore delights neither could have anticipated.

However, as the meetings come to a conclusion, there’s one more surprise in store for Linda. And it involves an April Fool…

The Lusty Linguists are so excited to bring you our stories, and we couldn't think of a day that celebrated who we are more than April Fools' Day. So make sure you celebrate with us and download our stories. 

To celebrate our new releases we've asked some of our friends to come out and play. Make sure you join us for prizes, pranks, and a great time. The APRIL FOOLS FOR LOVE PARTY is on Facebook. Just click the title and we'll get you there!

4-1**KDP is playing its own April Fools Prank on some of the Lusty Linguists. We are in touch with Amazon to try and get the issues resolved. We apologize for the delay**

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Cons with a Kiss

Tag, I’m it….

It’s my turn again to write for the blog and make all you wonderful readers and fans of all us Lusty Linguists.

Usually I get a message from Roxy and she says, “Write something, and quit looking at those pictures of rubber ducks!” and I have a blank stare and try to figure out something different and worthwhile to intrigue your mind or make you shudder in fear.

I toss about many different ideas and thoughts to make people wonder, “What the hell does this guy drink to get him so odd?”

To answer that question I have no idea.

The kiss might have been just as good as the crown!
After the gallons of diet Coke and Girl Scout cookies streaming through my veins, who knows what’s going on in my empty skull.

As usual something said to me helped spark a thought.

It’s “Con” season.

It’s that time of year again where authors, readers, publishers and anyone else in the book industry cringe.

For about 8 months now there will be a convention somewhere for a variety of genres and anything else to tickle your fancy. Every weekend somewhere in the US there  are conventions celebrating something. I like to call them mental getaways because most of the time I drink enough to get mental and do something embarrassing.

After returning home from San Antonio and the Wild WickedWeekend conference, I did find some fun pictures taken while there.

Kissing the winner of a Drag Queen Contest in San Antonio was one.

Each time I try to go to all the fun events and see all the sights and mainly, talk shop with authors and readers. I only bring this up because I hope to meet more and more readers this year.  It’s prime time fun and a great chance to get around like-minded people that love to read. I like the stories with pictures and words with less than seven letters myself.

Most of you have probably been to a convention and had the chance to meet your favorite authors and get selfies and autographs. Personally I hate selfies because I always look like a super-psycho-nerdy-bearded-dork, but that’s a topic for a later post.

Last time I mentioned meeting these wonderful women of this group at RT last year and maybe it’s a theme but conventions are always fun for me.

On a better note I am writing again and planning to dazzle you all with something really different then before. Over the years I have covered quite a bit of things from midgets in porn, husbands buying sex toys to cavemen having sex. And those are just the more tame things.

Be on the lookout for some new stories from these amazing writers of this group very soon. They all are Bad-Ass writers and I hope to make their stories look good.

What conferences are you attending this year? Or what ones have you already been to? We'd love to hear about them.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Three's a Clan: Hart Clan Hybrids 3...COVER REVEAL!

I love all of the characters from my Hart Clan Hybrids series. Being the fact that they were my first characters ever published, they will always hold a special place in my heart.

One of them has been especially fun to write. Shelly Meyers of the Meyers vampire Family was always harsh, and always strong, and always just outside the main story line. I am so excited to finally let her talk and to have her be the one to wrap up the Hart Clan's story.

So without further ado...coming late 2015 from Samhain Shelly Meyers and the cover of her MFM menage, Three's a Clan.

So what do you think? I am always in awe of what the fantastic Nathalie Gray does with the cover art. She is one of the reasons I am grateful to be with Samhain Publishing for this series. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Green Beer and Jedi Drinking Songs.

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. One of my favorite holidays. When else can you drink green beer at 6 am and pinch random strangers without getting a restraining order slapped on you? In honor of this most wondrous of holidays I’ve come up with a list of things you can do to get into the ole Irish spirit.

1) Teach your pet how to Riverdance. Dogs are the natural choice here and less likely to scratch your eyes out. Unless you own these cats, in which case they’ll likely be down with getting jiggy with it.

2)    Pretend to be a leprechaun for a day. Double bonus points if you crochet this hat for your dog and get him/her to wear it while Riverdancing.

3)     Or how about going rogue and becoming a professional leprechaun hunter for a day? Far more lucrative than Bigfoot hunting. Plus you get all the Lucky Charms you can eat.

4)    Eat nothing but potato products for an entire day. French fries + vodka= breakfast of champions.

5)    Listen to some traditional Irish tunes like the Jedi Drinking Song.

Sadly I don't have an Irish-themed or Saint Paddy's Day book but my recent release, Hurricanes and Handcuffs, does feature a bad boy billionaire, a sassy chef, and some sexy beignet eating. Check it out!


Gabrielle Scott is fed up with helping her playboy boss seduce and woo his countless bimbettes courtesy of her culinary masterpieces. Yeah, the pay is good, and you can’t beat the luxurious digs she’s treated to as his resident personal chef. But she can’t afford the frustration of living under the same roof with the one man who drives her crazy in every possible way. The damnable truth? She’s in love with the irredeemable bastard, and the only way she’ll get over him is to get naked under him. The plan? Attend Jax’s annual Mardi Gras ball incognito and entice him into a hot night of sin—right before handing in her resignation.

Jaxon Noble always gets what he wants. Especially when it comes to the opposite sex. So when Gabbi shows up at his party in an eye-popping costume and outrageously flirts with him it’s a foregone conclusion that she’ll finally be his. About damn time the stubborn woman came to her senses. He’s more than happy to go along with her game, and the combustible heat they generate together proves it was well worth the wait to have her. But when morning comes and Gabrielle calmly announces she’s quitting, Jax is faced with the sobering fact that perhaps money can’t buy everything. Or more to the point—the only person who’s ever meant anything to him.

For someone who’s used to winning at all costs, losing Gabbi isn’t an option. And Jax will pull out every sweet and sexy trick to convince her to take a chance on a forever with him. Even if it means handcuffing her to his bed.

Warning: This book contains a sassy chef, one determined bad boy billionaire, Fur-lined handcuffs and inappropriate consumption of beignets, several sinful drizzles of honey, and enough sizzling chemistry to set off the smoke alarms.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Fun with Werewolves and Vampires--PLUS LAST DAY on pbk GIVEAWAY

Ever have one of those days months years? This morning in the shower I mentioned to my husband February felt like 3 years, and not the good, relaxing-on-the-beach kind. How long did February last for you?

So here, for all of us, are a couple fun-and-or-hot excerpts from my two newest releases, Masked Attraction, and Downbeat paperback!

And be sure to get in on the last day of my Downbeat giveaway. Three copies in paperback up for grabs!

Masked Attraction
Pull of the Moon prequel.

Part of Entranced: A Halloween Box Set

The masks are coming off.

Daniel Light loved Zoe Blackwood when he was a gangly dork. Now a powerful wizard prince, a masked ball gives Daniel a new chance to woo her. Coming between them is an ancient parchment with a deadly prophecy.

Warning: A wolf shifter on the cusp of mate-or-else, a smokin' hot wizard who won't let anything stand in his way, and fun in closets.

From Masked Attraction

“Let’s you and me get to know each other, Lady Mystery.” 

She gritted her teeth and told herself she was overreacting. Flirt. Enjoy. “Sure.”

Zeus put an arm around her shoulders. His fingers traipsed along her collarbone until they took a walk on the wild side of her sternum, spelunking down her cleavage.

Enough was enough. She cleared her throat to make some classy excuse to beat his head into the wall.

Before she could, a buzz at the door distracted her. She glanced up as the crowd parted.

A blond man glided in like a panther, stopped, and stood there, as tall and confident as if he owned the place. He was built like a true Greek god, inverted triangle torso on long, strong legs. His golden hair shone lustrous in the electric light. His strong features accented by a rakish black mask drew the eye of every female in the room.

Zoe peeled off Zeus’ arm and moved from him as if he’d never existed.

The blond man’s gaze swung to her—and stopped.

The instant connection sang in her ears, in her blood, so powerful and shocking it kicked the air out of her lungs.

The man started toward her, cutting through the crowd like a sleek ship.

Her breath returned in quick, excited puffs.

His scent hit her as he neared, catapulting her back in time to cheerleading sweaters and smoking blunts in the woods…and the burnt scent of an almost-failed chemistry class.

“Damn my paws,” she muttered.

Daniel Light.

Downbeat (Biting Love Book 7)


KoboARe, iTunes, AmazonUK, AmazonAU
Samhain Print

Striking the right note could shatter more than their hearts.

After an attack that slaughtered his family, vampire Dragan Zajicek walled off his heart and went on a sixteen-hundred-year rampage with the bad boys of history.

Now a rock star of the concert podium and master freelance spy, he’s taken the baton for a small orchestra near Chicago to investigate rumors of a monstrous, undefeatable vampire dubbed the Soul Stealer.

But it’s the lovely, unassuming Raquel “Rocky” Hrbek who mesmerizes him from the first touch of her luscious lips on her flute.

Rocky, a shy shadow scarred by middle school cruelty, is mystified as to why core-meltingly gorgeous Dragan would notice a mouse like her. As his stolen kisses draw her dangerously close to the edge of her carefully constructed comfort zone, he exposes her secret—she’s investigating the monster herself.

As their quest draws them closer together, the monster zeroes in on the woman Dragan’s rebellious heart tells him is his mate. Now they must find a way to destroy the indestructible before Rocky is utterly consumed. And Chicago is bathed in the blood of innocents.
Warning: Contains a master of seduction and symphonies, an awkward and innocent flutist, small-town humor, heart-stopping action, and an exodus to Iowa. Oh, and the cheese balls are ba-a-ack—and deadlier than ever.

Second kiss.

I tried to see it from his point of view. The man wanted help getting around. A few directions, not my soul. Simple neighborliness would do. I breathed deep, and managed to rasp out, “Sure. No problem, Mr. Zajicek.”

He smiled and slipped his arm around mine. “Dragan, please.” His hip bumped against my side as we walked.

My respiration rate shot through the roof. I gritted my teeth. Simple neighborliness, yeah, right. Like your basic neighborhood raging inferno. “Okay. First names. I’m Rocky.”

“Rocky? That’s a boy’s name.”

“It’s a nickname,” I admitted.

“Ah. And your real name?”

Yes. My “real” name.

My friend, Nixie Emerson, once told me names have power. In her case, she went by her kicky middle name instead of “Dietlinde”, her dull-as-dust first. For her, that was appropriate. Nixie was short and punk and smart as a whip—and as smart-mouthed too, though she reined it in around her new baby.

In my case though, my “real” name was not appropriate. Anti-appropriate, in fact. My mom named me Raquel, after Raquel Welch, the sex-goddess of the sixties. So while Nixie’s name was right and good, mine was a joke. And considering my nega-love-life, a rather nasty one at that. “Rocky’s good enough, Mr. Zajicek.”

“Dragan,” he murmured, somehow pulling me closer. The heat of his body licked flame-like up my side. I hissed and shifted my flute bag between us, but as a defense it backfired. Zajicek simply plucked the bag from my hands. “Shall I carry that?”

“You don’t have to. No, wait—”

“Nonsense. It is quite light.” He shifted my bag onto his own shoulder, not the one between us. The strap wrapped itself over his muscles like a second skin, and I swear it moaned happily.

Then Zajicek curled one hand around my waist and pulled me so close I could barely breathe. I tried to, really I did. But every tentative inhale brought the scent of him, cotton and sandalwood and burning masculinity. Every movement of my ribcage scraped the side of my breast against his arm, until I was trembling with the need to rub blatantly against him. Every breath drew cool air over my tongue…yikes, I was lolling like a dog in heat.

My glasses fogged up, and I stumbled again.

Both Zajicek’s arms went around me. I felt incredibly clumsy and stupid, making him rescue me continually from my own feet. “I’m so sorry, Mr. Zajicek—”

“Dragan,” he murmured, cupping my chin and lifting my face for another soft kiss. His lips touched mine, his mouth moving in tiny circles as if to warm my skin. He didn’t need to. I was plenty warm already—and a little buzzy.

“You taste wonderful.” His mouth opened and his tongue teased the seam of my lips.

I jumped at the touch but Zajicek held me, so securely I relaxed into his arms. It seemed to be some sort of cue for him to lick me and slide his tongue between my lips, encouraging me to part them.

He asked so nicely, with tiny hot licks. So I did.

The instant my mouth opened he devoured me. His mouth slanted over mine and his jaw dropped. Heat rushed in. I gasped. Shocked and a little scared, I fell back, but he stepped with me, wrapped his arm around my back and trapped me good. He had to bend quite a ways to do it.

My back arched like a bow, my breasts crushed to his chest, my hips to his thighs. Something stirred against my belly, sending a jolt shearing through me. My mouth tingled and my breasts tingled and I was getting really tingly between my legs.

I slid my hands between us to try to wedge open some space. All I succeeded in doing was fitting my palms to the hardest pectorals in the world.

The tingling between my legs was starting to drive me insane.

Zajicek’s mouth left mine to trail licks and nibbles down my jaw to my throat. He nuzzled me there, an odd dark rumble coming from his chest, almost a lion’s purr. “You smell divine. Ah, to taste you fully.” His tongue rasped over my pulse.

Somewhere along the way his hand had found my breast and was kneading and cupping while he sucked gently on the tender skin of my neck until my head spun.

Then his fingers found my raised nipple and plucked.

A thousand Christmas lights went on in my head. I shrieked.