Monday, January 26, 2015

Being "One of the Girls"

Picture Taken at Saints & Sinners in New Orleans
I decided to change things up a little and write something about the women on this group.
I am the newcomer and have testosterone instead of estrogen flowing in surplus through my veins. Of course seeing the cat pictures I post, how I like ice cream and the way I act during football games may change your perspective, I’m a man through and through.
I was lucky to meet two of the three Lusty Linguists this year at a convention and had the best time I have had in a long time. Being surrounded by this much sexiness was a joy for me. I mean…I’m a guy…they are hot women writers that talk and write about romance, sex and all the joys of things. Did I mention they write about sex?
Walking the streets of New Orleans was a blast and we had a couple more beautiful ladies (Kellie and Dani) in the group that I was invited to join that night. Drinking (a lot), the crowds and the music were all adding to my night out with the girls. I have some great memories and some pictures to remind me of the blurry times of that night.
Live music from an amazing band, dancing and watching the girls react to the “creepers” and seeing what women deal with when going out was all a blast because I love watching people.
I’d flex my manly chest and motion that these hotties were all with me. Obviously the creepers were all scared away by this much beefcake and total bad-assery. That and the girls would basically give them the “As-If” glares. Seeing their reactions, focusing on how others change their facial appearance, all that stuff is fun for me.
Yes, I’m weird but deal with it.
What started with 5 people getting together for the night ended up being about 15 at a bar drinking way too much but everyone watching out for each other in a friendly, I have your back, way. The cover models showing up didn’t seem to bother the girls for some reason.
I met writers I had heard about but never would have met or talked to before. It was like our own little party in that bar and we actually had the whole back half of the place to ourselves and I drank Zombies all night and felt like one the next morning.
I’m bringing this up just to remind you all that meeting people, even if you don’t realize it at the time, can make a difference.
Roxy texted me and said, “We are at Channing Tatum’s bar, come join us.” Personally I think the four women were hoping to see Magic Mike and get a personal dance there, those little vixens.
But he wasn’t and they settled for little old me and showed me a good time with no pressure or tensions to take away from a night out with people to just have fun. I mean I’m pretty shy and don’t talk a lot…
Who am I kidding I love to talk to people.
My point is that you meet people that can change the direction of your life or career. For me I was brought into a group of women that were all successful writers, had great families and friends, we were all away from home and they made me feel like one of the girls that night. I was a very lucky man. Hearing about the best brands of tampons and where to buy a better bra got a little awkward but I digress.
Also, I am a positive person. I try to be on the lighter side of things and hope for the best in situations. I always post positive and funny pictures and quotes and believe strongly in laughter being a cure to a lot of ills and bad in our daily life.
I mean if you ever see someone smack into a pole while texting and don’t laugh…there’s something wrong with you. (By the way, it’s really embarrassing and hurts your nose whenever that happens.)
Sometimes taking a chance on people can be positive and bring you happiness. I was a fan of these girls and surprisingly they knew of me, probably because of the dancing on the table dressed like a chicken with a bullwhip and a can of whipped cream incident, and after a few days, I made some really good friends.
Most of this random rambling makes no real sense but it’s how my twisted mind works.
A lot of this may be common sense and you have heard it before. But so much of our time is spent meeting and talking to people online that we get away from really talking to people.
I’m not being preachy or anything but real contact is much better than the occasional chat. In a way it took me becoming one of the girls to find a way to say this on a blog for others to maybe read and agree with. I’m lucky they asked me to join.
Where I am not lucky is that I now have to get my nails done to match these wonderful red stilettos I picked up for a party.

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