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If I Were a Super--Guest Chandra Ryan

If You Could Have a Super Power, Which One Would You Pick?

It’s become one of my kids’ favorite games. If you could pick any superpower, which one would you pick? It seems like a simple enough game. Who wouldn’t want a superpower? Really, any of them seem like they’d be a blessing. But first appearances can be deceiving. As my kids have taught me. This simple question has lead to all kinds of philosophical and hilarious debate in our house.

It’s a fairly common one as far as superpowers go. Two of the characters I’ve written actually have this ability. And I can see the value of being able to know what people are really thinking. You’d never have to wonder if someone is lying to you. Or if there’s something wrong with that used car you’re about to buy. But what about all the other times? Most of the time, people aren’t really having intelligent or interesting thoughts. My mind often wonders into weird areas. Everybody’s does. And do you really want to know every time somebody has a wedgie. Because, you know, when we have one that’s all we can think about. And then there’s the endless list of ways to get rid of said wedgie without anyone noticing.

Shape Shifting?
Not so much like a human/animal shape shifting. Although that is pretty cool as well. I was actually thinking about the ability to change your form at will. Plastic surgery would become obsolete. If you wanted a smaller nose or a larger chest, all you’d have to do is think it. And you wouldn’t have to worry about the dangers of going under the knife to achieve it. But you couldn’t possibly hold the illusion at all times, could you? It seems like it’d be mentally taxing. I’ve always wondered how men feel when the pushup bras come off during a date. I could only imagine how a guy would feel when his date becomes someone else in front of his eyes. It seems like it might be enough to send him to the mental hospital.

Super Strength?
It’d be great to be strong enough to stop a building from crashing down on innocent people, right? To stop a train before it runs over the damsel in distress? But I think the downside to this one is fairly obvious. The whole pocket full of kryptonite comes to mind.

But when your kids ask you a question, you have to answer right? So which super power would I choose? Teleportation. I know, I know, I can already imagine all the walls I’d get stuck in. And the times my mind would wonder mid-teleport and I’d end up in some weird place. But I just can’t overlook the convenience when I need a gallon of milk. I wouldn’t have to get in the car and drive there, I’d only have to think it and I’d be there. Or when my kids call with an emergency? I could be there in an instant.

So, now that I’ve told you mine it’s your turn. Which super power would you pick if you had the choice?
My newest release features a telepath. One created by a crazy geneticist. She didn’t ask for the abilty and doesn’t really want it all that much. But she still has it. And she has to find her place in a military that wasn’t made for her and doesn’t really want her. How will she deal with her super power? And is it a blessing or a hindrance? Here’s the blurb:


Universal Defiance, Book Five

Harlow is a Subservient, created to serve the military’s needs. Even though her kind’s been freed and she’s managed to become a military captain, she still struggles with relating to humans, many of whom hate or fear her. So when a hot new navigator comes aboard her ship and she can’t stop imagining him naked above her, she has no idea how to handle the pleasurable distraction.

Parker is a genetically engineered soldier, modified to be the strongest, brightest and fastest. But not even he is strong enough to fight the pull between him and his new captain.

As their attraction grows and the affair deepens, they have to work together to stop a political coup. If they fail, Harlow will lose the ship she loves. Parker doesn’t know if she’s capable of sharing his feelings, but he’s willing to risk it all to protect her.

A Romantica® sci-fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Want to know more? There are excerpts on my website and the Ellora’s Cave site:

Or you can download a sample from Amazon:

Being from a rather nomadic family, Chandra Ryan loves to travel and meet people. But she’s found that sometimes, like when you’re stuck inside because of a good old-fashioned Southwestern heat wave, you have to make do. Fortunately for her and her loving family, who don’t like seeing her suffer from cabin fever, she’s found creating new people and places equally as fascinating. Also, you’re a lot less likely to spill your ice tea.

Want to know more about me?
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#RT14: The mostly coherent recap of my time at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention

I am writing this the Monday after a whirlwind week. So I am going to break down my #RT14 experiences as random thoughts and some of the pictures that didn't make it to my Twitter feed.

If you want to walk the journey with me, check out my tweets at @RoxyMews. I tweet way too much. It's a problem. But it's one I have no desire to fix.

The airlines had me beginning the convention earlier than I intended. I was told that my flight had been rescheduled for 24 hours later than planned. Thank goodness my roomie let me know, because the airline sure didn't fill me in. I spent the entire night on the phone getting it fixed only to have the ticket "not exist" when I made it to the airport at 5AM.

I want to give a big thank you to the folks at Delta Airlines who took care of me and got me on the plane. Seriously, fly Delta because they did a great job fixing a problem that wasn't even their fault. Customer Service at its finest.

Now...after the insanity, that my poor roommate had to deal with for even longer than I did, let's get to the fun part. And by "fun part" I mean the entire rest of the trip.

After getting into the hotel and running to the meeting I was already late for, it was time to attend at least one panel. I picked the Erotic Emergency Preparedness panel.

I now know what to do if the dog can't eat the underwear.

This was put on by the International Heat, and I don't think I have laughed this hard in a long time. After the issues with the airlines it felt great to let loose and crack up with some of the funniest women in erotic romance. 

From there it was off to Mardi Gras World where I got to walk with authors from Samhain Publishing. We hung out and assaulted some of the statues in the gift shop while we waited for the readers to arrive. Had a great time chatting with the authors and following Cat Johnson around as she wove her way through the crowds. We got lots of great tapas-style eats because Cat can move through a crowd like a champ. Don't get in the way of her cowboy boots!

The lovely ladies who were designated float walkers with me.
He looked way too happy to have me touch his bowl.
I turned in early, because I pitched the next morning, and after that it was time to prep for the next big event.

Eliza Gayle was wonderful enough to let me jump in the huge line with her for the Pub Crawl down Bourbon street. If she hadn't I never would have made it to the Samhain party in time. She even bought me a jello shot. Those things were dangerous!

Jello shots after hurricanes and tequila. It was one hell of a night!

Jodi Redford and I went out shopping to pick up some last minute things to put in our goodie bags for readers who visited our table on the Sinner side of the aisle that morning. So glad I finally got to meet my online cohort in person!

Greed and Pride. We were ready to represent the sinners.
Our wonderful table of goodies.

The Samhain Publishing Saints and Sinners party was a huge success. They kept the food coming, and the music blasting. The DJs had a direct line to my musical favs so it was a great night of dancing and talking books with great people. A big thanks to S. L. Carpenter for helping us lug all our crap down to the ballroom! Sorry we had you knocking on some poor woman's door in a tutu. ;p

Tables and tables of light up glasses for the taking.
Scott and I near the photo booth. They did a great job!

I turned in after we got all the goodies back to the room. Taking off that corset felt amazing. Bless all of you who can rock those things as frequently as you do.

I spent the next day with my roommate Samara Blu taking in a few panels and checking out Club RT. Jodi and I even got to get our pictures taken with the men of Necrolectric. (Trailer of the hotness HERE.) The whole group was great. And I loved bumping into them at all the RT events.

Team Cas

Team Alaric

Then it was time to do what everyone really wants to do in NOLA and let loose! We hit Saints and Sinners for some of the most fabulous food EVER.

Scott and "The Girls"
Next we hit the town and probably did a few inappropriate things that I am not going to picture, but I am sure will end up somewhere on the internet. What is in those Hand Grenades? We ended the night at Rita's Tequila House where "Zombies" were consumed and the bathrooms were labeled "Tacos" and "Burritos". The manager was fantastic and took great care of us.

Me at Rita's the day after.

The last day of our trip was for sight-seeing and avoiding the crazy CRAZY lines by what was rumored to be a record-breaking book fair. We did run in for the last twenty minutes, and I posted lots of friend pics on my twitter feed. Check out those pics HERE. But I had a blast wondering around. I have no sense of direction, but even getting lost was fabulous, because we discovered something new everywhere we turned.

Beads hung from everywhere and made the streets glitter.

A huge tree in the Plaza D Armas

Lunch with Samara Blu and Lisa Maxwell 
Local Artist Ashton Jefferson who was selling his work by the park.

I could have spent an entire week in NOLA before the con and still had things left over to do. I loved the city, despite the smell that accompanied certain areas. So glad I brought lots of flats and comfy shoes to explore in.

Thank you to everyone at Samhain Publishing and the staff and volunteers from the RT Convention for an incredible experience and drawing lots of my favorite people to one spot where I can tackle hug them whenever I spot them.

And to end this epic is a picture of me eating a beignet at Cafe Beignet.

Don't inhale while eating. Trust me.

I loved sleeping in my bed, but I adored getting to visit New Orleans, and I really want to go back. Who wants to take me?


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New from NOLA! #RT14 continues

Thursday, May 15, 2014

LWAL goes to #RT14 part 1

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Love's a Witch: A Little Taste from Roxy

Love's a Witch is the second book in the Hart Clan Hybrids trilogy.

I am getting ready to head to RT in less than a week, and going a bit insane at the same time. So I wanted to do something fun. I wanted to share a small excerpt of the book I am going to be promoting while I am there.

In A Love Worth Biting For, we left our group in a smelly van heading west. After a small hiccup they are settled into a Bed and Breakfast. This time we get to hear from both Mary and Craig. Craig is going to share a bit of his...frustration.

Love's a Witch (June 24th, 2014)

Thoughts of sharing a room with Mary started to trickle into my brain, and in the next instant there she was standing in front of me. Blue diamond eyes looked up into mine. It was like I’d called her.

“Are you coming?” She had no idea how the buzz she had going made her words sound. The question should have been innocent enough. It was her breathlessness at hurrying into the room, and the way her pupils dilated that had very un-innocent thoughts banging around in my brain.

I couldn’t help the growl. “Not yet.”

She stepped back, shook herself off a bit, and then started backing into the doorway. “Oh…well…um…don’t blame me if Amber eats your food. She’s been eating a lot. Even for her. And…well…your choice. Ow!”

She tripped and fell on her butt, a ripple bouncing through her frame. How was a guy not supposed to think of her breasts bouncing for other, much more fun, reasons? I grabbed her hand to help her up. Lacking some of my famous self-control, I pulled a little hard. A squeak from her and she crashed into me. Her soft curves felt amazing pressed against my body. A deep breath and I knew I wasn’t the only one affected. She was getting wet just being close to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bad looking guy. I was used to having women respond to me, but this was different. Hers was a scent I couldn’t ignore, and it caused my wolf to fight harder.

“Save me a plate, Mary. I’ll be in there in a minute.”

“Uh huh.” Making women breathless was fun. Making Mary breathless was dangerous.

This was something more than playful. Before my brain could process anything else, something on her neck really caught my attention. Right where her collarbone met the veins tracing delicately along the column of her throat I could see her pulse. I tilted my head to get a better look. She squirmed against me. She was getting wetter being held. So little Mary had some submissive tendencies. Interesting.

I couldn’t stop staring at that spot. What was that? I hated mysteries. Investigation was necessary. My wolf suddenly grabbed the reigns and he pushed my tongue from my mouth. I started laving Mary’s neck. She stiffened, but immediately softened with a moan. Her scent surrounded me and gave my wolf even more hold. I was drunk on her, and let my wolf hold my body up.

Then my teeth lengthened. A bone jarring feeling that hit me when I scraped them against her supple skin. It was the only thing that made me take the control back. Cold washed over me as my wolf’s intentions became all too obvious to my human brain.

He wanted more than sex from this woman. My wolf wanted Mary as his mate. She was mine. This was exactly what I had been trying to avoid. She couldn’t be mine. This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen.
Mary was still in my arms. She arched her back. The softness of her belly pressed against an erection that had a mind of its own. My wolf grabbed hold of my lust and pushed through. She smelled so good. I needed just one more taste. Just a little one.

Pre-Order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo
OR add it to your "To Read" shelf on Goodreads

I will have magnets of this cover to give away at RT, so stop me and ask for one to add to your own smagnet (smut + magnet = smagnet) colletction!  I can't wait to share this book with all of you. Hurry up, June!


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(R)T-minus-10 to Sinners party

photo credit: Zeusandhera via photopin cc
Nine days to RT in New Orleans. Nine days to the debut in-person appearance of Lust With A Laugh!

Roxy and Jodi will be IN PERSON at RT 2014.

Better yet, we're hosting a table at the Samhain's Saints and Sinners party. Although I can't understand why they put us on the Sinner's side (snort).

I'll be there in spirit -- the spirit of goodies! Books, coasters, compacts...seriously, you should go just for the swag.

Roxy's awesome tips for getting the most fun out of NOLA are here. Including why you shouldn't touch the hotel room's television remote without finger condoms, aka rubber gloves. Huh. Didn't know that one :)

I have a couple more.

  • Circle all the must-attend events on your schedule.
  • Then plan on skipping out of at least two, because, well, wild opportunities happen.
  • Best not to ask authors for signage in the restroom.
  • Exception: cover models wanting their chest autographed.
  • But do rest your weary feet on any chairs down-hall from the rest room, if available. I've had some of my most fun conversations with authors this way, including one with a NY Times author about adult skin issues. Where else would that happen?
  • Make all your pictures closeups! Not only will the subjects look better, in case of alcohol overindulgence you can remember who they are and why you took the snap from the name tags. Avoids awkward questions later :)
photo credit: Tom.Bricker via photopin cc
If you get a chance on either side, check out New Orleans. Great music, food, and history.