Sunday, January 19, 2014

What is this place?

Lust With a Laugh is an idea.  There are a lot of fabulous blogs out there, and a lot of amazing people that have contributed to them. "Why the hell do we need another one?" you may ask.

Because...well...frankly, I was looking for a blog with authors who write with humor and couldn't find one. 

Some of my favorite authors write books that make me laugh out loud even as they have me squirming in my seat. These authors all have blogs, or are a part of other groups, but there isn't one blog where I can go to get updates on my favorite laugh-out-loud keyboard masters.

Now that I am starting on my own writing career, I am using a heavy dose of snark, and wanted a place to share with my other authors who have a gift for giving giggles.

So here we are. Check back for monthly updates from all of our contributors. 

This month you'll get to know a bit about each of the contributor and we hope you'll follow us and chat with us. Make sure to check out the books along the right side of the feed to find a new read.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Roxy Mews: Spicy, Sexy, Fun

Hello all you lovers of smut with a smile!

I am Roxy Mews.  My writing career is still in its baby phase.  My first book A Love Worth Biting For : Hart Clan Hybrids 1 was released through Samhain Publishing on October 1st, 2013.

A love for erotic romance is what brought me here.  I loved books, but it wasn't until I got my greedy little hands on my first Kindle, that I began to devour them.  Then someone made the comment "This is the dirtiest book I have ever read." and I HAD to read it. 

Then there was no stopping me.  I became a digital hoarder of the sickest degree, and my husband wanted to put my picture on the back of my e-reader at times so he could actually see my face again.  I started emailing my favorite authors and telling them how amazing they are.  Some of them emailed me back! And some I am now very honored to call my friends. 

I went to my first book conference in 2011, and found my people! I never was one to be the social butterfly and be all over the place, but this world of romance writers brought something out in me.  A writer.

I dabbled with short stories and sexy scenes, but it wasn't until I finished my third NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) that I really thought I might have something.

Samhain Publishing was the pub house I wanted more than chocolate covered bacon, and I thought for sure they would turn me down, but when I got the opportunity to send in a manuscript I jumped on it.

I was ready for anything but a yes.  Turns out it didn't matter if I was ready.  They contracted my book.  My writing career has been a whirlwind so far that is just starting to settle down, but I cannot wait to see where this world takes me.

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana with my husband of eleven years.  We have a very busy home and while it is a big struggle to find time for myself, it is also my greatest joy to put words on paper when I find that time.  I hope you will check out my book and any future insanity that leaks from my skull onto paper. 

Thank you for stopping by, and I cannot WAIT to chat with all of you.