Monday, December 8, 2014

There's a reason "Deadline" begins with "Dead"...

At the moment, I'm coming out of the NaNoWriMo fog (I won! Yay, go me!) and working my way into the festive season around me in a very painful way.

But I'm dealing. I actually cleaned some of the funk out of my house. I'm wearing clean clothes, and I've got some lists made to get myself organized.

Then...well...then I get a phone call. Or it would have been a phone call if I did that sort of thing. I don't talk on the phone. Those things are scary. 

Because all those that know me, know I don't talk on the phone, we all know the "call" was really a direct message app. 

"Are you finished with your manuscript?"

Oh...that one that I was planning on putting off? Ummm...Give me a week, I say. I'll get it done, I say. 

I didn't miss a deadline or anything, but some extenuating circumstances are beating up my plans from behind the scenes.

So...for all those I joked with about needing a deadline to get anything done...let's hope the procrastination demon leaves and the productivity muse hops into his chair.

I'm not sure how I'm going to get it all done without losing my it's a good thing I never had any to begin with. ;p

"Deadline" has always been an ominous word. As I look at my To Do list and wonder where sleep is going to fit into the equation, I'm pretty sure I understand now, why it's called a deadline. If you make it to the finish line without it killing're doing a fantastic job. 

So tell me what's got you stressed out this time of year. Or tell me how you deal. Or just do what my hubby does, and throw chocolate at me. I prefer Dove. 


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