Monday, November 3, 2014

Those Pesky Clothes--Why I like Writing Vampires

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So I have the first book in a new series coming in 2015 (Heart Mates, April 28 and I can't wait to show you the cover!!) that features an ex-witch and an alpha wolf shifter. Writing it, I was really getting into it, great plot, lots of fun and lots of sex...until I came to the first time they tried to go sub-clothesa, as it were.

I had to keep track of each item of apparel, whether it was off, on, or askew. Had she removed his T-shirt? Had he? Jeans...briefs...SOCKS???

Coming November 11
Vampires are so much easier. A 100-year-old vampire in my Biting Love universe can just blow his body into mist--and the clothes drop through.

Vampires, at least the kind who can mist or magic clothes away, are the closest thing to a zipless encounter as you can get.

Which reminds me...check out my latest misting vampire. Aiden Blackthorne was turned in the early 1800s, kidnapped as a boy, and trained to be an assassin. Present day--the smooth assassin meets bumbling Sunny Ruffles, a cop who keeps trying to arrest him. Hilarity and hotness ensues.

Another great thing about vampires? Magic tongues.

For healing. Their saliva heals wounds. Geez, what did you think I meant? ;)

Assassins Bite available for preorder now
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Assassins Bite (Biting Love, Book 8) 
Only her light can burn away his shadows. 

On her first night as a police officer, Sunny Ruffles takes down three felons…only to be attacked by a gang of vampires who are a whole new level of hurt. Then a mysterious shadow man intervenes, saving Sunny before he disappears. She runs after him, telling herself her pursuit has nothing to do with his sharp, stubbled jaw, his powerful shoulders, or his sexy-as-hell, kissable lips.

 Rescuing the humans makes Aiden Blackthorne late for a critical meeting with the vampire Nosferatu’s daughter. Yet clompy, bumbling Sunny draws him back like wild honey. He kisses her, and he’s almost got her down to her underwear when a bomb meant for him explodes.

The last thing Aiden wants is to drag Sunny into his hellish conflict with Nosferatu. But Aiden’s a loner whose only friend has mysteriously disappeared, and the woman who smells and tastes like his mate is the only backup he has left. He’ll need her, everything he is, everything he was—and everything he might have been—to defeat his evil master and claim the love he never dared hope to have.

Warning: This book contains shadowy assassins shooping off vampire heads, cops bumbling in at the worst of times, and opposites attracting, colliding, and exploding in lust—a.k.a., explicit fighting, humor, and sex.


  1. Man...I do love the misting vampires. I swear...if I've just read one of your books and I boil pasta I get a little flash back. Seriously hot stuff. Can't wait for the new one to come out!!

    1. Thanks Roxy! As are your hybrids--hotcha :) So where does #robosex hit on the hot scale?