Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How hot is it?!?

So last week I released my sixteenth book. *stops to ponder that and waits for my brain to explode* Wow, that number is kind of freaking me out right now. But anywho, in all the crazy chaos leading up to and following the book release for Perfect Chemistry, I was at a complete loss on what I should blog about this week. Fortunately my cohorts in crime here at Lust With a Laugh came up with a fun idea based on this Facebook convo revolving around the cover for Perfect Chemistry:

Mary Hughes Author  This cover is so hot, I could cook my dinner.
Keith Melton Hey Mary, that cover is so hot it melted the hot plate I was using to cook my dinner.

Mary Hughes Author So hot it made the hot plate go *bomf* and the smoke alarm spontaneously combusted
Keith Melton So hot my dragon flew away weeping tears of napalm!

Needless to say, Mary and Keith are the reigning champions of the cover edition of How Hot Is It, but just for fun--and a shot at a copy of Perfect Chemistry--sound off in the comments section with your own How Hot Is It answer. I'll draw a winner at noon, Friday August 15. Good luck, and have fun with your answers!

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  1. Yep! That is a hot cover. I need a cigarette followed by a cold shower. And I quit smoking 11 years ago! *fanning self*